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What follows are the tales and adventures of one of many 4e campaigns, in this one the players attempt to make their way through Goodman Games ‘Punjar’ series of adventures. This campaign is ongoing, we kicked it off in Jan 2010 (I think) and as I write this (in Feb 2015) we’ve just finished playing DCC60 Thrones of Punjar, the last module in the series.

All of the adventures have been transplanted to Fallcrest within the Nentir Vale the default setting for 4e, and for almost all of my campaigns.



Oh, but just a few notes- this Obsidian Portal D&D 4e Campaign Wiki works a little differently to many of others found here, don’t go looking in the Adventure Log for the action, there’s nothing there. Everything here is accessible via the Wiki button- go there and generally follow the links, you’ll soon get the hang of it. The only other section used is the Characters section- here you’ll find the PCs, Monsters, Traps and Skill Challenges- as they are encountered by the adventurers. All of these will have nice pictures and info, including character sheets and monster/trap/skill challenge stat cards.

And finally, for the sake of my players I keep all our campaign info on a separate Obsidian Portal site here-

The Nentir Vale and beyond…

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