Trap- Camouflaged Pit Trap (02)

Warder 2



Camouflaged Pit Trap
Level 2 Warder

XP 125
Suddenly the floor gives way!
Trap: When the floor hinges open dropping PCs into the cage suspended below.
♦ DC 22: The character notices that the squares hiding the pit trap bow in slightly.
The trap triggers when a character enters one of its squares.
Immediate Reaction - Melee 1
Target: The creature that entered one of the trap's squares.
Attack: +4 vs. Reflex
Hit: 2d10 + 3 damage, and the target falls prone in the cage suspended below.
Miss: the target returns to the last square it occupied, falls prone, and its move action ends.
♦ An adjacent character can trigger the trap with a DC 15 Thievery check.
♦ An adjacent character can disable the trap with a DC 20 Thievery check.
♦ A DC 20 Dungeoneering check grants the party a +2 bonus to Thievery checks to delay or disable the trap.

Trap- Camouflaged Pit Trap (02)

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