Trap- Demon Maw Trap (09)

Warder 9



Demon Maw Trap
Level 9 Warder

XP 400
The maw surrounding the lock mechanism suddenly snaps shut crushing and pulping your hand.
Trap: When the trap is triggered the demon maw clamps shut and lacerates and crushes the hand within.
♦ DC 20: The character notices the hinges that bring the jaws slamming shut.
The trap attacks when a character places a limb inside the maw and attempts to pick the lock unsuccessfully.
Immediate Reaction - Melee 0
Target: The creature that placed a limb inside the maw
Attack: +14 vs. AC
Hit: 2d8 + 2 damage, and target is grabbed (until escape DC18 or four rounds have passed). In addition, the trap makes a secondary attack against the target. Secondary Attack: +12 vs. Fort
Hit: The target is injected with Shadowstuff Toxin- see sidebar in adventure module.
Miss: Half damage and the target is still grabbed, but no secondary attack.
♦ An adjacent character can disable the maw with a DC 22 Thievery check.
♦ A character making a DC 24 Strength check can pry open the maw, or hold it open so that it cannot slam shut.

Trap- Demon Maw Trap (09)

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