Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #0.02


Just a note to say that this campaign, and adventure, is set in Fallcrest- the default home to (my) adventurers in 4th edition D&D, and so-


Fallcrest, after an hour or so at the Lucky Gnome Taproom the four fledgling adventurers have got themselves hired, Erais the Sunlord has selected those he thought best suited to the venture- although the Priest of Pelor is a little concerned with a few (Scurvy & Skamos) of his new colleagues. The story is, he tells them, that they are to investigate the Beggars Guild, of late it seems shadows haunt the streets after dark around Cutpurse Alley, and several citizens have just vanished in the night- something is clearly amiss.

Erais doesn’t tell his new boon companions that the Church of Pelor, and the local commander of the Fallcrest City Watch are putting up much of the monetary reward for this action- instead he makes it known that a concerned citizen sponsors the endeavour. Erais strongly suspects that the Watch want to know what’s going on in Cutpurse Alley, and yet they don’t want to upset the balance, the Beggars Guild is a powerful entity. The Watch, Erais worries, therefore needs a third (and infinitely more expendable) party to check things out- Erais fears he has been duped, and yet…

Four of the five adventurers know something more, some rumour or else tasty tidbit about the Beggars Guild, or else the locale- Cutpurse Alley, Erais talks the other four adventurers into sharing their knowledge-

He however starts off the sharing, the Sunlord has heard that the Beggar King rules the guild with an iron hand, and that the shadowy slayers that haunt the place, and were responsible for the disappearances, are the ghosts of dead Thieves, slain themselves when the Beggars forcibly moved the Thieves Guild out many years ago.

Scurvy grumbles and offers the following nugget that he ‘over-heard’, the Beggar King has been hiring mercenaries of late to fight his battles for him, something new and strange, the Dwarf states, is afoot.

The Paladin of Avandra, Corrin states that he believes that the Beggar King and his cohort are dabbling in dark and terrible magic, and that they have conjured some foul plague creature, possibly a demon or else an undead beast, that haunts the streets nearby at night. The Halfling can’t remember how he came by this rumour, and fears silently that he may have embellished the story a little.

Next up Skamos, who via various sources connected to his family’s mercantile interests has heard that the Beggar King is supposed to have a beautiful throne room containing all manner of valuable items- the trove, and treasure, of the streets which his Beggar followers find and gift their king in tithe. The throne room is further said to be filled with deadly traps, and only those that are invited in are (mostly) seen again.

Skamos fixes Erais with a gimlet-eyed grin, a cruel aspect.

Riardon breaks the silence by adding a fifth rumour to the collective knowledge, although having only been in the city for three days he has only his imagination to call upon, he just didn’t want to feel left out- or else admit to not having anything to share. The Eladrin states that a living creature made from smoke is said to lair within the Beggar King’s domain, this foul miasma, shaped like a great bird, can strip a man’s flesh from his bones in the blinking of an eye.

And so it is, a little while later- after having scared the life out of each other with their rumours, and fortified by strong drink, the adventurers head out to Cutpurse Alley…


Note the Lucky Gnome Taphouse is area 28 on the map above, Cutpurse Alley is behind and to the right of the bar.

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