Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #1.01


Encounter #1 Cutpurse Alley- Area 1-1 The Gate of Shade.
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Spike Gate (Lurker 2)
Demon Maw (Warder 9)
Encounter Level 1- 525 XP



Thirty minutes later, just past the witching hour, and in the rain the five adventurers squat and peer down Cutpurse Alley, the thoroughfare is blocked by a formidable looking gate, Erais forgot about that- but he did remember to hire a Rogue.

Thirty seconds later Scurvy checks out the gate, there are no flies on this Dwarf- the lock is trapped, he goes to climb over, but hang on- the top of the gate is trapped also.


The Dwarf signals for his compatriots to head over, and then after a short explanation and a few helpful hints from his companions (mostly Arcana checks), Scurvy disables the spring-loaded maw trap on the lock, set to crush a man’s hand.

And then, after a few more wise words from his fellow adventurers (more Arcana checks) Scurvy disables the spike trap atop the gate.

All that remains is to pick the lock.

Which only takes another 30 minutes, this after a series of rolls below ‘8’, eventually the gate swings open and a red-faced Scurvy creeps on down the alley.

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