Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #1.03


Encounter #3a Area 1-4 Bazaar of the Bizarre.
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Human Tough (Brute 2) x2
Human Rogue- Arthuro the Fence (Skirmisher 4)
Encounter Level 1- 425 XP



The adventurers burst in to the Bazaar (Area 1-4), a musty and foul-smelling curiosity shop- stuffed with shelves and racks full of all manner of street ‘found’ junk. They get all agitated- offering those within (two swarthy-looking ruffians) a way out- leave now or face the consequences. Erais gets particularly angsty, lots of stuff about ‘letting Pelor’s Light into their dark and hideous souls’.

There follows a short chat in which the adventurers are likewise invited to leave, only not so politely put, something to do with ‘sex’ and ‘travel’. By this time a ratty fellow has sorta appeared on the scene, the guys can’t see Arthuro the Fence- he’s hidden in a doorway behind the Bazaar’s counter, but they can hear him whispering instructions to the two ruffians.

It gets to fighting very quickly.

Skamos slams a Magic Missile into one of the ruffians, and then scurries away to hide behind an over-stuffed shelf. Riardon meantime pins the other with an arrow (a crit).


Human Tough- Grrr!

The two Toughs gang up on Corrin, but the Halfling Paladin keeps them both at bay. Scurvy looks for a better position, for which read safer and away from the bad guys, the Dwarf tries to climb one of the racks stuffed with all manner of guff- the Bazaar’s wares. Alas a shelf snaps and Scurvy almost falls, he is forced to search for a better hiding place.

Erais meanwhile goes looking for the whispering Arthuro, eventually spies the disheveled Rogue and moves forward, the Sunlord is caught by Arthuro’s thrown dagger en route. Skamos, still in hiding, throws a Force Orb in to the mix- timing it perfectly to hit both of the Toughs, they’re both bloodied, one of them staggering and on his last legs- Riardon fires again and takes him down.

The remaining ruffian begins screaming for someone called ‘TIMMY!’, then dodges forward and menaces Corrin with his mace, the Halfling Paladin avoids the attack more by luck than judgement, courtesy of his Second Chance power.

Scurvy catches Arthuro with a thrown dagger, the Fence takes up his compatriots call- ‘TIMMY!’, and then dodges back behind the shop counter (Area 1-6 and into 1-6a), and out of sight.


Human Rogue- Arthuro the Fence- He’s still got it.

Corrin slices the remaining Tough, who is now battered and bloodied- and not long for this world. Fire erupts all around Arthuro, leaving the counter blackened and smouldering; the beggar Rogue however is too quick and escapes Erais’ Sacred Flame. Skamos gestures and points and another Magic Missile flies from his hand, this time aimed at Arthuro- but the Rogue is too quick again, he dodges back out of danger.

Riardon’s bow sings and the remaining ruffian flops to the floor- dead.

Emboldened, mostly by a lack of other enemies, Scurvy leaps on to the counter and swishes his blade at the Fence- and again the Rogue is much too quick. Arthuro, all the while, continues to scream for ‘TIMMY!’

And sure enough, Timmy appears, or rather ‘TIMMY!’

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