Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #1.04


Encounter #3b Area 1-4 Bazaar of the Bizarre.
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Human Tough (Brute 2) x2
Human Rogue- Arthuro the Fence (Skirmisher 4)
Old Otyugh- Timmy! (Soldier 4)
Encounter Level 1- 600 XP



A curtain is thrust aside and squelching from a small muddy looking store chamber (Area 1-5) comes the aforementioned (actually, aforescreamed) Timmy, an Otyugh- a large and ancient-looking foul smelling squat tentacled aberration.

Timmy closes fast on Erais and lashes out, the Sunlord ducks just in time. Corrin sees his opportunity and closes in on the beast, issuing his Divine Challenge to the noisome creature. The Halfling Paladin cuts hard but Timmy easily keeps the little fellow at bay.

Scurvy is momentarily distracted by the new arrival- Arthuro strikes with his Easy Target attack and almost bloodies the Dwarf, slashing at his legs and leaving Scurvy hobbling on the counter. Erais fires off another Sacred Flame, this time at Timmy- the spell misses, scorching a bunch of the stuff on the shelves instead.

Skamos continues to stay out of the way, he fires off a pair of Magic Missiles, although only one of which hits Timmy, the scabby Otyugh doesn’t even flinch. Riardon moves to get a clear shot and fires, and then again- he follows Skamos’ lead, his bow thrums but again only one of the missiles connects, Timmy shudders briefly and then gets back to flailing at Corrin.

Scurvy lashes out at Arthuro, again to no effect, and then sucks up the hurt- the Dwarf’s wounds are forgotten as he gets his Second Wind. Corrin and Timmy continue to slash and slap at each other frantically- alas neither is blessed with the finesse needed to connect.

Erais shoots a beam of radiant light, a Lance of Faith, at Timmy- it too hits wide of the spot, scorching the curtains behind the Otyugh. Skamos and Riardon continue to fire in to the melee, as targets present themselves, both are however bad shots- or so it seems.

Scurvy slashes again at Arthuro, but again the grinning Rogue is too quick for the Dwarf, the Fence slashes back with an Acrobatic Strike. He tumbles onto the counter and is deftly on his feet- facing off against Scurvy, who staggers back blood gushing from his wound. Scurvy is bloodied in an instant, caught by Arthuro’s critical hit.

Timmy lashes out with a meaty tentacle and catches the less than agile Corrin, scooping the slight Halfling up in to the air and crushing the life out of him. Corrin instantly strikes back, twice- in quick succession but fails to connect with either of his attacks.

Erais mumbles and chants, seconds later the grinning Arthuro suddenly looks terrified, overcome with fear the Rogue leaps from the counter, taking a stab to the hand from Scurvy as he departs at speed. The keeper of the Bazaar dashes for a set of stairs (Area 1-7), he rushes up them taking three steps at a time, gibbering and wailing like it’s the end of the world.

Erais grins, then sprints forward to lay a hand on Scurvy’s bloody slashed legs- the Dwarf’s wounds, once again, heal over.

Skamos and Riardon fire again, and this time… both missiles run true. Timmy staggers back, almost dropping Corrin, the ancient Otyugh makes rasping squelching sounds and bleeds profusely, finally bloodied. Scurvy, reinvigorated, leaps from the counter and tumbles closer to Timmy, lashing out at the aberrant, the creature avoids the blow and back pedals furiously- heading for the scorched curtain and its muddy lair.


Otyugh Old- TIMMY!- Dirty Fighter.

Corrin however has other ideas, held upside down- suspended over Timmy’s head (?) the Halfling lances down with his Holy Strike and buries six inches of his radiant blade into the beast’s brain. Timmy slowly, and in stages, collapses- Corrin staggers free of the Otyugh’s grasp and gets to his feet grinning.

Just in time to hear Erais shout, the Sunlord points back up the stair, rushing down the steps are several mangy humans, dressed in what look to be dog-skins.

The Dog Brothers are into the action.

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