Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #1.06


Encounter #3d Area 1-4 Bazaar of the Bizarre.
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Otyugh Grub (Minion 1) x10
Human Dog Brother (Skirmisher 1) x5
Human Tough (Brute 2) x2
Human Rogue- Arthuro the Fence (Skirmisher 4)
Old Otyugh- Timmy! (Soldier 4)
Encounter Level 6- 1350 XP



Two of the foul worms crawl forward, and with surprising speed; in search of food they find Corrin. The Halfling Paladin slices one of the maggots in two, avoids the others flailing bite and rushes to Erais-
“Fight on my friend.”
Corrin declares, his touch brings new strength to the Sunlord as he Lays On Hands.

Scurvy slashes at the nearest Dog Brother- already scorched the foul Human staggers back bloodied. Erais targets the same fellow; his Sacred Flame alas is awry, so he follows up with a Lance of Faith and scorches a hole in the middle of the miscreant’s head. Erais calls on the Power of Amuanator (Pelor) and the first Dog Brother falls dead.


Otyugh Grub- Creepy!

Arthuro, unseen by any of the adventurers, peeks through the curtains at the top of the stairs (Area 1-8); he seems to be grinning, enjoying the show.

Skamos scarpers, ducking and dodging a Dog Brother’s blade, the Tiefling fires off another Scorching Burst at the last two Dog Brothers just getting into the action, the one already scorched burns some more and staggers, bloodied.

Riardon sights the Dog Brother formerly menacing Skamos, he aims and fires, his arrow lodges in the mangy Human’s neck- blood spurts and the foul fellow dies (a Crit).

The curtain at the top of the stairs is suddenly ripped aside; standing silhouetted there is Irocar, the Dog Brother’s foul and ferocious leader.

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