Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #1.07


Encounter #3e Area 1-4 Bazaar of the Bizarre.
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Otyugh Grub (Minion 1) x10
Human Dog Brother (Skirmisher 1) x5
Human Tough (Brute 2) x2
Human Rogue- Arthuro the Fence (Skirmisher 4)
Old Otyugh- Timmy! (Soldier 4)
Human Dog Brother Leader- Irocar (Soldier 4)
Encounter Level 7- 1525 XP



Irocar has his longbow in hand, he aims and fires, the arrow thuds in to Skamos’ shoulder, the Tiefling strangles his cry, bloodied.


He grins and barks! Then strides down the stairs.

There are three Dog Brothers left standing, although two of them are less than healthy, their leader’s arrival however lifts their spirits- the trio snap and snarl, and bark their reply.

Slightly odd.

The first Dog Brother rushes at Riardon and menaces the Ranger. The second and third head for Scurvy, the Dwarf Rogue is suddenly and viciously outmatched- sliced and stabbed he falls.

Another pair of the grisly maggots crawl out from the wreckage of Timmy the Otyugh, that’s three now in action. Two of them make for Erais, they catch the Sunlord by surprise, biting and chewing on his ankles, Erais screams and spins around to face them, his wounds however continue to bleed.

“What’s for tea?” Scurvy opens his eyes and asks- where is he? A ‘20’ on Scurvy’s first Death Save.
“You’ll be getting my fist!” Arthuro shouts in reply from the top of the stairs, safe behind Irocar, the angry Fence waves his fist about a bit to reinforce his point.

Corrin rushes over to the fallen Scurvy, cuts and burns with his Holy Smite the as yet uninjured Dog Brother that menaces his companion, the Halfling then thumps the Dwarf on the shoulder- “Get up! Get at ‘em!” Scurvy’s cuts and bruises once again heal over, the Dwarf grins.

Erais meantime, losing blood fast, dodges back swatting without effect at the two grubs menacing him- he mutters and mumbles holy Healing Words, his wounds are almost forgotten.

Skamos to the rescue, the Tiefling drops another Scorching Burst crisping two of the three grubs and freeing Erais from their terror. Not content Skamos mutters and points- a Magic Missile smashes into the Dog Brother facing off against Corrin, its bloodied.

Riardon suddenly blinks out… and then back in again, his Fey Step positioning him just in line with- Thunk, his arrow hits and the aforementioned Dog Brother is taken down.

What a team- the adventurers share a grin, as do the players.

Too soon.


Human Dog Brother Leader- Irocar- Top Dog.

Irocar takes the last few steps at a rush, spills his bow, draws his sword and Charges on- arriving just in time to stab Skamos in the gut, the Tiefling looks down at all the blood and the mess of his insides and then thumps to the floor- dying.

Irocar howls his delight; the two remaining Dog Brothers echo his call, and then get into the action. The first rushes at Scurvy, who shuts his eyes, lolls his tongue out and plays dead (Bluff 21), the Dog Brother stabs out at Corrin instead but the Paladin parries the blow. Scurvy winks at the now scowling Halfling.

The second Dog Brother catches Riardon with his blade, only a nick however- the Ranger dodges back and with a Fox’s Cunning fires his bow, and misses the mangy Human from point blank range.

And yet another pair of the grisly maggots exit Timmy’s carcass- one makes for Erais, bites the Sunlord, and menaces him further. The second gets Corrin’s attention in a similar manner, the Halfling looks horrified as his wound pulses and oozes- he’s bloodied.

The last Grub bites one of the Dog Brothers, no-one in the Bazaar is safe from these monstrosities.

“Ha ha!” Scurvy leaps to his feet and stabs out at the Dog Brother he hoodwinked earlier in to believing he was dead- he almost spills his blade- that’s not right. He tries again and this time does indeed drop his dagger.

Well, that was a ‘1’ followed by a ‘1’, nice attack rolls.

Arthuro meanwhile moves a little way down the stairs, readying his dagger, the Fence however keeps his distance, content to shout and offer advice.
“Scrag ‘im Irocar!”
“Stab ‘im in ‘is crown jewels!”

Corrin meanwhile is all action, he calls the closest Dog Brother to him out with his Divine Challenge, and then stabs the fiend with his holy blade, leaving the forlorn soldier stumbling and tripping over his own feet. Corrin stretches and reaches down- tags Skamos, the Tiefling’s eyes flutter open- he’s alive.

The Halfling is still not content, he takes a moment to settle his own nerves; he gets his Second Wind and readies himself for more action.

Erais extricates himself from the battle, although the Sunlord is stabbed in the process, he weaves his hands and chants solemnly, suddenly Irocar is bathed in a Cascade of Light, which burns. The Dog Brother’s champion screams. But like Corrin, Erais isn’t finished, a Lance of Faith strikes Irocar next, scorching him further. Irocar has to grab at the counter for support- he’s bloodied.

Skamos clambers to his feet, using the shelves for support, he finds himself much too close to the action and decides quickly not to get involved, he also takes a moment to catch his breath and get his Second Wind.

Riardon shifts back a step, sites his bow precisely and fires, the second to last Dog Brother succumbs to his wounds and flops to the floor.

“Fight me!” Riardon declares and pointedly stares at Irocar.

Irocar grins, lashes out his blade at Skamos and cuts deep, re-opening the Tiefling’s freshly healed wounds; Skamos looks dizzy for a moment and then slumps back down to the floor again (Dying). Irocar’s blade continues its arc and bites into Corrin- the Paladin doesn’t look happy, whereas the Dog Brother leader looks ecstatic- he’s Unstoppable.

The last Dog Brother stabs at Scurvy, alas he’s still subject to Corrin’s Divine Challenge, he burns even as he misses with his blade, and has to grab onto Irocar just to stay on his feet. But not for long… a stray squirming grub bites a great gaping hole in his right kneecap, the Dog Brother concertinas and collapses- dead.

And yet another pair of the grisly grubs exit Timmy, there are now five of these foul worms crawling around the Bazaar taking chunks out of the various combatants. This fact is brought home to the adventurers when two of the foul creatures manage again to tear chunks from Erais’ legs, the Sunlord staggers also.

Scurvy grabs out two of his daggers and launches them in a Blinding Barrage; the first just nicks Arthuro, the second catches Irocar in the forehead leaving a great bloody rent in his scalp. Blinded by his own blood the Dog Brother leader flails wildly with his blade.

Scurvy judges his moment, leaps from the counter and buries yet another of his daggers deep in to Irocar’s chest, only his determination keeps Irocar alive.

That’s enough for Arthuro, the Fence hot foots it down the rest of the stairs and into a nearby chamber (Area 1-6a, the chamber has a window in it to the alley)- frantic noises issue from within, he seems to be engaged in making his exit.

Corrin smartly salutes Irocar, he Challenges him, and then less than a second later skewers the last of the Dog Brothers with his blade- Irocar is dead.

Erais meanwhile screams for help, and forlornly swats ineffectively at the Grubs menacing him. Skamos coughs up a great gout of blood, the Tiefling’s eyes are still tight shut. That’s a first failed Death Save.

Riardon heads behind the counter, away from the Grubs- where’s Arthuro gone? He spies the Fence climbing out of a window in what looks to be a bedroom, presumably his. Riardon’s bow sings and an arrow thuds in to the woodwork next to the Fence’s hand, Arthuro jumps with surprise and falls out of the window- thumping in to the alley hard and knocking the wind out of him.

The grisly Grubs continue to menace the remaining adventurers- the result of which is Scurvy is bitten twice and left staggering from blood loss, Erais is bitten only once but with the same result- the pair are nearly out for the count.

Erais manages however to kill one of the worms, Corrin and Scurvy miss their targets- things are getting desperate, it doesn’t help that all three of the adventurers are still bleeding profusely. And then the last two Grubs exit Timmy’s carcass and creep into play.

That’s five of the Otyugh Grubs still left crawling around the Bazaar.

Skamos continues to cough up blood, as he fails his second Death Save in a row. Dave, who plays Skamos, looks like thunder- there’s a lot of nervous laughter around the table.

Riardon rushes back into the Bazaar- abandoning his pursuit of Arthuro, he fires at a Grub- and misses.

The Grubs however continue to bring the pain; Corrin is bitten twice, Erais and Scurvy once each. Corrin and Scurvy are dizzy and light-headed, Erais is too far gone- the Sunlord collapses.

Erais is on -1 hit point, and I’m trying to help the guys here, the Otyugh Grubs are now moving randomly, overwhelmed by all the flesh that’s available for them to feast on. On their turns the Grubs slither away from their previous attacker set to find a new foe, thus ensuring the adventurers get myriad attacks of opportunity against them as they depart. The guys miss every one of these.

It’s all too much for Scurvy, the Dwarf suddenly sags and collapses from blood loss. Ongoing damage reduces Scurvy to 0 hit points.

Meantime Arthuro, now on the outside of the Bazaar, picks himself up and flees back down the alley and out into the night.

Corrin cuts one of the Grubs down- the Halfling however almost collapses from the strain of his actions.

Skamos chokes, one last time, on his own blood- and dies. Third Death Save failed in a row. Dave gets up, without saying a word… and goes home.


Skamos Dead Now.

Riardon shoots and kills one of the grisly Grubs- there are just three of them left, however he attracts their attention, a pair of the foul creatures scuttle over and snack on the Eladrin Ranger.

Corrin battles the other Grub; the titanic struggle- Otyugh Grub versus Halfling Paladin, is a stalemate for now.

Scurvy suddenly moans aloud as his body shudders. The Dwarf fails his first Death Save.

Riardon dodges back and fires again, another Grub is sent to hell- just two left, alas both the survivors are on target, Riardon and Corrin are bitten again, the former now bloodied, the later- Corrin, is barely hanging on.

It doesn’t help that the Halfling misses the mark with his sword, and is still bleeding from his wounds (Corrin is on 1 hp).

Quietly, in a corner, Erais lays still- the colour suddenly fades from his face- the Sunlord is overcome by a deathly pallor. Erais fails his first Death Save- he’s also still taking ongoing damage.

Riardon scuttles back some more, and then fluffs his shot; the grisly Grub closes him down and rips another mouthful of flesh from one of his legs.

The grey maggot facing the staggering Corrin is likewise on target, the Halfling stumbles, and then tumbles- the Paladin is dying.

There’s just Riardon left (on 5 hp), and two Grubs of course.

Scurvy continues to convulse, if anything the shuddering gets worse. That’s a second failure on his Death Save for the Dwarf.

Riardon shuffles back some more, this time he takes a moment to suck in air, the Ranger gets his Second Wind, fortune favours the Eladrin as at that exact moment all of his wounds cease to bleed.

It doesn’t last, the grisly Grub before him creeps forward and bites him again, and Riardon bleeds afresh.

Corrin suddenly yelps, an unnerving sound, the Paladin mumbles half-formed words, Erais looks paler still- his blood seems to be flowing away from all of his extremities, his hands are cold white and lifeless. Corrin fails his first Death Save, Erais his second, the pair are also still taking ongoing damage. Is it all going to end here?

Riardon, on his own now, shuffles back again to give himself the room he needs and fires again- the second to last grisly maggot is spiked by the Ranger’s arrow- dead. The Eladrin tries to keep the last Grub at bay by kicking out at it, the creature writhes and lurches but fails to land its attack.

Riardon calmly takes another step back, almost onto the stairs now, and fires. The last Grub dies.

No time to lose!

The Eladrin rushes over to the still convulsing Scurvy, who at Riardon’s first touch instantly calms, or else… no pulse, the Dwarf is dead. Riardon fails a Heal check and then Scurvy fails his third Death Save.


Scurvy Dyk- Grub’s up!

Corrin yelps again, mumbles wildly- Riardon rushes over, he must be able to save the Halfling. Corrin fails his second Death Save. The Eladrin is quickly to work, Corrin is still alive- there’s a chance… and so it proves, seconds later Riardon grins, the Halfling Paladin’s pulse is strong and stable.

No time to celebrate, Riardon rushes around the Bazaar and finally locates Erais, the Priest. He gets to work, moments later the Sunlord stirs.

Two PCs dead, one player gone home- a level 7 encounter bested, and two-and-a-half hours to play out the action, and at no point did it feel like grind.

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