Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #1.08


I e-mailed each of the players prior to the start of the game, to help them to develop their character’s backstories- nothing too complex, I also gifted them each a rumour, obviously Erais knows more of the story, he is after all the instigator of this action.

That said this game was a quick pick-up for the players, I had designs on running the Goodman Games Punjar series all the way through again, I’ve run the three scenarios from start to finish once before- the previous players had a great time with them. In truth I think Goodman Games scenarios, while quirky, are infinitely more fun than WOTCs efforts.

And so to the game- the first two encounters played out real easy, through a trapped gate, and then to disperse a few Sentries- when the guys got the drop on these guys, after some miraculous Stealth checks- even from the heavily armoured Corrin, then the encounter was more or less over. It didn’t help my cause when Skamos’ Scorching Burst hit all five guards- three of them crits. Which is fine- I wasn’t phased, because I know what’s to come- I did want to make more of the roof style combat but the guys made a mess of the bad guys in double-quick time. Still it served up a few comedy moments.

The next fight was a winner, and with two PCs meeting their makers- Skamos and Scurvy, it proved again that Goodman Games are a nasty bunch. At the time I didn’t particularly intend to keep adding to the encounter, it just seemed to happen-

Arthuro and the two Brutes call for Timmy.
The Otyugh arrives, and still the guys are kicking ass.
Arthuro goes for the Dog Brothers, the rabble arrive and things even out.
Then dead Timmy starts leaking Otyugh Grubs.
And then Irocar turns up.

It all seemed so inevitable at the time, a domino effect, as I say I didn’t intend to turn it into a level 7 encounter but it proved to be a genius move, for the most part, which had players alternatively whooping with delight and also stomping off (and not coming back).

Dave who plays Skamos stormed out when the Tiefling died, there was a lot of frustration at the table (between whoops of joy), a couple of the players/PCs couldn’t seem to catch a break- their dice were against them, or else other factors conspired. It didn’t help that Dave only reluctantly took the part of the Wizard, he’s not a mage at heart- he drives a forklift in real life and digs on hitting things. He wasn’t forced into the character, he was the last guy to role up a PC and according to one of his own theories a mage is paramount in 4e- he figured he’d be dishing out the big hits, and making lots of rolls. He’s just not used to being the guy at the back however, who stays out of trouble and delivers the artillery, Dave is front line- in life and in D&D.

Don’t worry Dave comes back to the fold, he couldn’t stay away too long as he has PCs in action in other ongoing campaigns we play together- some of these are his favourites, even he wouldn’t give these guys up just because of a stupid dead PC. Dave turns up again in this mobs next adventure, look forward to his return.

Back to the titanic encounter, there’s more to come in the way of exposition, and treasures to find, and new PCs on the way (to replace the dead), but alas all of these events are for the next session. We went over our time limit to get the third encounter finished, and so all of the other stuff is to follow- ending now also gave me a couple of weeks to cajole players into creating back-up PCs, and to come up with wish lists for magic items.

A bloody good start.

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