Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #2.01


Encounter #4 Area 1-4 Bazaar of the Bizarre (and other places).
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Spear Trap (Warder 1)
Scything Blade Trap (Warder 2)
Poison Needle Trap (Warder 6)
Encounter Level 1- 475 XP



Dave (Skamos RIP) has not returned, although he may be back some time in the future, I/we hope.

We’re down to three PCs- Corrin, Riardon and Erais, the guys are also in a precarious situation- basically lodged in the Bazaar of the Bizarre, the front door to the Beggar King’s hideout. They have a plan though, they thought it up in the two weeks in between the last session and this one.

First off, after a little light looting, the PCs hide the bodies of the fallen, then they lock the door to the Bazaar, and board up the windows, placing a crudely written sign “closed due to infection” on the exterior door, that should buy them some time. Riardon and Erais take a short rest, while Corrin is sent out into the city to gather fresh blood, by which I mean new adventurers.

While the Paladin’s gone Erais & Riardon check the Bazaar over and find all manner of good stuff (actually Riardon finds all of it)- a +2 Cloak of Resistance, a set of Masterwork Lockpicks, a Potion of Healing & a +1 Magic Wand. Although Erais does his fair share of the hard work, identifying the magical powers of all of the items found.


Riardon with +2 Cloak of Resistance.

Riardon gets first dibs on the new gear- he found it, he sports a beautiful +2 Cloak of Resistance.


Erais also finds a secret chamber in Arthuro’s bedroom, with a very fancy looking chest in it; the pair decide to wait to see if Corrin turns up with someone capable of opening the thing.

Two hours later the Halfling Paladin returns with new blood-


Kathra Ironforge- Female Dwarf Fighter Level 1- Played by Iain.

Kathra silently seethes… while (see her backstory),


Tira Duskmeadow- Female Half-Elf Warlock Level 1- Played by Becky.

Tira is new to adventuring.

Enter Kathra a Level 1 Dwarven Fighter, and Tira Duskmeadow a Level 1 Half-Elven Warlock, who dabbles in most things, including Thievery- she’s given the Masterwork Lockpicks, and the +1 Wand, although Erais insists these are only on loan until she proves her worth.


Tira with +1 Wand.

Tira collects her first magic item, a +1 Wand- that’s a record, 23 seconds.

Then Erais motions Tira towards the chest and tells her to ‘get on with it’, the Priest of Pelor is not in a good way- there’s a lot of blood on his hands, and also he’s just had an extended chat with Kathra (see Kathra’s backstory- coming soon).

The façade of the chest is quickly removed, beneath it are seven drawers, each locked (possibly), and trapped (very probably).

Drawer #1 Tira confirms is not trapped- FOOM, a poison needle jets out of the keyhole and lodges in her cloak, it doesn’t break the skin- Tira smiles weakly. After a further 30 minutes of trying (6 Thievery Skill Checks) drawer one is abandoned, it simply cannot be opened.


Poison Needle Trap- Phoom! Urggh!

Erais and the others don’t look that convinced.

Drawer #2 isn’t trapped, but it is locked- Tira opens it first time- empty, damn.

Drawer #3 is likewise not trapped, and is eventually unlocked ten minutes later, 2 vials of Deathjump Spider Venom are within, Tira identifies the stuff.


Spear Trap- Zoooom!

Drawer #4 is also not trapped, Tira’s convinced, right up to the point a Spear shoots out and slams into her chest and leaves her gasping for breath for a good five minutes. After a short rest and a further 15 minutes of tinkering she gets the drawer open, there’s a +1 Short Sword within, Corrin takes it.


Corrin with +1 Short Sword.

Corrin feels mucho macho with his new blade.

There follows a short, but sometimes heated, conversation- Tira is not entirely happy with the present situation, finally it’s agreed that all of the adventurers will help her to look for traps on the drawers.

Drawer #5, it is agreed by all present, is not trapped. Tira opens it first time, there’s money within- a pile of gold and silver, the bounty is divided up.

Smiles all round- the new system works.

Drawer #6 is 100% certain not trapped, confirmed again by all of the adventurers. Tira goes to open it and a Scything Blade lashes out nearly removing her left hand. She’s not happy again, another meeting is called.


Scything Blades Trap- Snicker-Snack.

After protracted negotiations Tira is back on the job, the +1 Magic Wand is hers to keep if she will continue on and open the remaining drawers- she’s all over it.

Although, after another 30 minutes (and 6 more Thievery Skill Checks) Tira gives up, she cannot open drawer #6, undeterred she moves on.

Drawer #7 it is agreed by all present, once again, is definitely not trapped. Tira opens it in ten minutes, there’s more poison and a supply of needles within.

Tira takes possession of the Wand and the Lockpicks, she’s earned them.

The adventurers settle down and take an hour or so to get to know each other; Corrin, Erais and Riardon also explain all that has happened so far in this place- soon after Tira and Kathra are up to speed with events.

After the extended chat (and rest) Tira tries again to open drawers #1 & #6 in the chest, nope (she fails on three further checks for each).

It’s time to move on, but first say a brief hello to the two new members of the team.

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