Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #2.03



The adventurers head upstairs and into Irocar, and the Dog Brother’s, filthy quarters- a few silvers are found and an abundance of mostly empty bottles of rotgut.

There’s nowhere else to go however…

That is until Erais finds a secret door, the Sunlord drags it opens and a spear shoots out from a hidden mechanism above the door and buries itself in his chest.

The secret door is quickly shut again, while Erais gets his breath back and cures his wounds, during the chatter (and arguing) that follows it is decided that the Dog Brother’s quarters should be given a thorough search- there may be other traps or secrets still to find is the consensus.

And oddly, so it proves.

Erais spots a loose brick inside the chimney flue, he’s a very perceptive Priest, he removes the brick- there’s a box within the hole which he drags out, it takes a bit of doing- it seems to be stuck, moments later the entire chimney collapses on top of him…

Erais is not happy, and is leaking Healing Surges like a sieve, and he’s only just taken an extended rest.

After another short rest Erais has calmed down enough to move on.

The box meanwhile has been thoroughly examined, unlocked and untrapped, within are the Priest’s just rewards- 5 Potions of Healing, some money, 4 silver spear heads & a +1 Holy Symbol of Battle.


Erais the Sunlord with +1 Holy Symbol of Battle.

The Sunlord is ready to kick non-Pelor denomination ass!

There’s also still a +1 Bastard Sword, looted from Irocar, to distribute- although no one present can wield it.

Note I didn’t give any XP to the players for encountering the traps here because they kinda just fell into them, Tira never got a chance to try to disable them. I fear for the guys- I really do.

They head on again, through the previously discovered secret door- a plain looking storeroom lies ahead.

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