Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #2.04


Encounter #5 Area 1-10 Rats in the Storeroom.
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Rat Swarm (Skirmisher 2) x2
Encounter Level 1- 250 XP



There’s a door on the far side of the storeroom, the guys as quietly as they can shuffle across, midway Riardon stops- and points.

A Rat.

And another.






You get the idea.

Moments later the adventurers are encircled by thousands of tiny pairs of eyes, glinting in the shadowy light- Swarms of Rats, or as they appear in the Monster Manual- Rat Swarms.

Yep, that’s right- plural.

“Shhh…” Erais offers.
Corrin stares at the Sunlord.
“They may allow us to pass…” Erais finishes.

The Rat Swarms attack.

The adventurers are of course ready for them- Riardon fires his bow, Corrin and Kathra strike out with sword and hammer, Tira yells and points- fire forms, while Erais sends a burning radiant Lance of Faith into the Swarms.

It’s like an action movie.

Except that none of the attacks actually hit the Rats. All five miss.

Moments later Kathra screams like a little girl as a Rat Swarm surrounds the Dwarf and begins chewing on her lower legs.


The remaining four adventurers share a brief look- did that just happen?
“Kill ‘em” Corrin declares in a loud and commanding voice.

Riardon manoeuvres and fires into a bolus of Rats, at least a half-dozen of the rodents are skewered.

More Rats nip and bite at Corrin, the Halfling edges back towards safety (surviving thanks to his Second Chance power), he slashes furiously as he goes- trying to protect Kathra with his shield- swatting at the Swarm that surrounds the Dwarf.

Tira Curses and blinds half of the rodents to her presence with her Eyebite attack- dulling the Swarm’s senses, she too moves as far as she can away from the vermin. Kathra cannot escape however, she’s stuck in center of the chamber- she bleeds, then tries to advance- back up, all to no avail, her warhammer crashes down again and again but the Rats are much too fast, and numerous.

Erais delivers another Lance of Faith, this time to marvelous effect, scorching a swathe of Rats, a critical success, the first Swarm is bloodied. Kathra continues to suffer however; more bites, more blood- the Dwarf staggers, she too is bloodied. The other Swarm menaces Corrin but the Paladin swats wildly with his sword and keeps them at bay.

Riardon finally gets clear of the melee, the Eladrin however continues to fire arrows into the foul rodents- hitting again and again. Corrin likewise continues to keep the Swarm that menaces him at bay, burning a few more of the Rats with his radiant Holy Smite.

Tira, like Riardon the Ranger, is also now clear of the threat- her second Eyebite however is poorly directed- and has no effect. Which doesn’t help Kathra any, the Rats are now climbing the Dwarf’s legs- clinging on, biting at her delicate parts. The Dwarf is situated within the aura of both Swarms; she’s also taking ongoing damage. She’s quickly reduced to one hit point.

Kathra Cleaves into her enemies, cutting a swathe through the first Swarm and swatting dead several more Rats from the second. She sucks up the hurt and gets her Second Wind.

Erais’s third Lance of Faith runs true again- both Swarms are now bloodied, the Sunlord mutters a prayer and almost all of Kathra’s wounds are healed. She looks mightily relieved.

However it’s Corrin’s turn to feel the hurt, the Halfling’s lower limbs are bitten repeatedly, the Paladin bleeds.

Riardon continues to fire arrows in to the thickest parts of the Swarms, thinning them out rapidly…
“Quickly!” The Ranger states, urging his fellows to increase the pace of their attacks.

Corrin staggers, the Rats are now seeking to swamp the Halfling, to bring the Paladin down- climbing his body- biting, scratching- squeaking.
Another Holy Strike, using the flat of his blade to swat and swipe the rodents from him- burning them with its radiant light. Both Swarms are nearly done for, on less than five hit points each.

Tira’s Cursed Eyebite comes again, and the Swarm surrounding Corrin is scattered- the few Rats remaining flee, the Half-Elf Warlock disappears in a puff of smoke, reappears a good fifteen or so feet away, courtesy of her Misty Step.

Kathra takes a few more bites but the Dwarf is far from done- she thumps down her warhammer, time and time again, squashing, crushing- smashing. The second Swarm scatters.

Job done.

The adventurers breathe hard, and then after a short rest, cautiously, move on…

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