Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #2.05


Encounter #6 Area 1-12 Zeb’oltha the Demon-Bound.
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Human Eunuch Bodyguard (Soldier 1) x2
Tiefling Warlock- Zeb’oltha (Artillery 4)
Encounter Level 1- 375 XP



There’s nothing of interest to be found in the store room, the guys press on- there’s only one obvious exit, an door which leads into a larger shadowy chamber, a bunk room (Area 1-11).

There’s a light ahead however, Riardon creeps forward- he’s the stealthiest of the bunch, through the makeshift bunk room to an open doorway on the far side, the source of the light. The Eladrin spies beyond a foul and dirty laboratory (Area 1-12) inhabited by a pair of near-naked waddling Humans, seemingly wearing only diapers, and an equally fat male Tiefling.

The trio are conducting some manner of foul experiment, or so it seems- with alembic and various other apparatus.

Riardon doesn’t hang about, the Ranger returns to his companions and relays this new information. There follows a brief discussion- a shoot first ask questions later policy is quickly decided upon, although Corrin’s not happy- he’s out-voted. The players are feeling a little fragile at this point- they figure anything could kill them in here, which is remarkably insightful.

Moments later the guys are hidden in the doorway to the chamber, ready to launch their attacks.

Corrin dashes in and to the closest of the corpulent waddling Humans, he lashes out cutting the blubbering fellow- the Eunuch screams- falsetto, Corrin attempts to make himself heard over the horrendous wailing of his victim- calling for the trio of bad guys to surrender.

There’s a moment when everything stops. Then the fat Tiefling yells- “Destroy them all…”


Moments later the bleeding Eunuch is bloodied, actually scorched as Tira delivers her Eldritch Blast- the volume of the Eunuch’s screams goes up several notches- glass shatters.

Riardon’s arrow flies wide, perhaps an attempt to shut the Human up. Kathra closes in on the action, moving towards the other near-naked Human Eunuch Bodyguard. Erais mumbles and points and the screeching Eunuch suddenly looks terrified, the waddling fool cuts and runs- overcome by fear, Corrin slices again and cuts him down.

The fat Tiefling- Zeb’oltha, continues to shout in a fury, ordering the remaining Eunuch to “kill the anterlopers!”

The fat Human obeys immediately, grabbing up a spiked chain from a workbench, it rushes forward and lashes out at Corrin- smashing the Halfling down, leaving him sprawled on the floor. But not for long, the Paladin leaps to his feet, momentarily embarrassed but still healthy- he charges at the fat Tiefling and cuts the fellow, issuing his Divine Challenge while once again yelling for his foes to surrender.

Tira follows up with her Witchfire, the remaining Eunuch staggers scorched and bloodied, and again Riardon fires and misses.


Human Eunuch- Nice Pants!

The fat Tiefling leader shifts back a little and with his skull-topped rod unleashes hell- on Corrin, Flames Of Phlegathos engulf the Halfling Paladin, Corrin collapses- he’s dying (hit for 24 fire damage & ongoing 5 fire = -7 hp atm).

Kathra dashes to the remaining Eunuch and cuts hard, somehow the fat Human manages to avoid the Dwarf’s warhammer, but not however Erais’ Lance of Faith which burns a hole straight through the Eunuch’s gut, the second fat man falls dead.

Erais moves forward whilst muttering a prayer- Corrin’s eyes flutter open, the Halfling is saved. But is still on fire. The Paladin staggers to his feet, trying and failing to beat out the flames, the Halfling takes a brief moment to get his Second Wind and then screams at the fat Tiefling, now sans his Bodyguards, to surrender or else meet his unmaker.

Zeb’oltha smirks and shakes his head- makes ready to unleash another spell, a moment later the Tiefling has to scurry to avoid Tira’s Ray of Frost, he’s just quick enough.

Riardon fires. Riardon misses. Yet again.

Zeb’oltha shuffles back into the action, grabs out with his hand, Corrin manages however to avoid the evil Warlock’s Diabolic Grasp. Kathra bustles over- swings again with her warhammer but is way off target, as is Erais with another radiant Lance.

Corrin still burns, although not for much longer- the flames at last are dying down, the Halfling delivers his Holy Strike and this time it’s the fat Tiefling’s turn to scream.

Tira tries again with her Eyebite attack but Zeb’oltha resists her power. Riardon fires and… misses. Riardon has made four attack rolls so far, the highest of which has been an unadjusted ‘6’.

Zeb’oltha rises to his full height and calls down words of dark power- his Hellish Rebuke, Corrin is suddenly engulfed once more in flame, the Halfling’s smile slips as he slams into the ground. Corrin is back to dying, down to -4 hit points.

Kathra is less than pleased, the Dwarf smashes her warhammer in to Zeb’oltha, at the same moment intense flames suddenly engulf Corrin again. The Halfling opens his eyes, gasps and speaks his last words-
“No prisoners!”
Then flails his limbs briefly, and theatrically, and then dies.

For info this is how it went down- Zeb’oltha’s Hellish Rebuke delivers another 10 points of fire damage to Corrin when Kathra hits the Tiefling with her warhammer, thus reducing Corrin to -14 hit points, which is beyond his negative bloodied value (-13), Corrin is really dead, like dead-dead, no Death Saves, no do-overs etc.

“You did that!” Zeb’oltha grins at Kathra.

There follows a brief interlude for the players to throw things- dice, miniatures, a small armchair etc. The rules regarding death and negative bloodied is fully explained to Iain, who plays Corrin, it turns out he did know the rule but… he’s less than happy. It should be noted that Iain was ‘botting’ Kathra for this encounter, he has therefore in effect killed his own PC.
Iain is now playing Kathra full time, she’s is out for vengeance, for her unknown older brother- Scurvy, for Corrin, and for anyone else she can think of.


Tiefling Warlock- Zeb’oltha- He Plays with Matches.

Back to the action.

“Kill it!” The Sunlord screams as another radiant beam fails to contact with the now grinning Zeb’oltha. Tira’s Cursed Eyebite however strikes home, Zeb’oltha screams and staggers- at last bloodied. The fat Tiefling begs for the adventurers to allow him to surrender.

His pleas fall on deaf ears.

Riardon fires. And hits… Glory be, the fat Tiefling clutches at the wound and staggers some more. Screams again to be allowed to surrender.

Kathra moves up close, and then shakes her head. Zeb’oltha runs. Kathra smashes her warhammer into the fleeing Tiefling Warlock’s back- flattening the fat freak, and killing him dead.

The Dwarf makes sure. And then Iain smiles at last.

Corrin’s stuff is duly ransacked, his Potion of Healing taken by Kathra, his +1 Short Sword taken as party spoils. We had one extra character in-game already- five PCs with only four players, Dave’s not returned to the fold. Therefore Ian (who guided Corrin to an early grave) takes permanent control of Kathra. The Halfling’s body is put in a safe place, to be honest at this point, around the table in the real world, the players just wanted to get on and kick some bad guy ass. Corrin’s remains are kinda… well, forgotten about. I know that doesn’t make for a good narrative but… the Halfling Paladin’s body (what’s left of it) is still there- probably.


Corrin- after the fire burns out.

The adventurers ransack Zeb’oltha’s quarters and discover all manner of odd things, including a Scythe made from the fused (partial) skeleton of a Bone Devil; and a blue, large-ish unhatched, and still warm, (pseudo-dragon) egg; a set of +1 Cloth Armour (covered in all manner of mystical sigils- and blood/food stains), and a skull topped Rod which allows the wielder to re-use an already cast Encounter powers (it has a finite number of charges). Quite a haul- oh and don’t Goodman Games do interesting treasure (and fluff) much better than Wizards.


Tira with Skull-Topped Rod.

Kathra eats the (pseudo-dragon) egg- no really; Iain is channeling Dave at this point.

Sated and rested, the adventurers move on, head out of the only door they can find and shamble across a dirty courtyard, it’s raining still, they head towards a dilapidated warehouse like structure ahead.

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