Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #2.06


Encounter #7 Area 1-13 Courtyard and Warehouse.
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Human Beggar (Minion 2) x10
Shadow Bat Swarm (Lurker 3)
Encounter Level 1- 460 XP



There are noises coming from within the warehouse structure ahead, the doors are suddenly wrenched open and ranged before the adventurers are ten of the mangiest looking miscreants ever to walk the streets of Fallcrest. Dishevelled male Humans- Beggars, each one wields an improvised weapon of some sort- from table legs, to broken bottles, one of them has a sack full of mouldy turnips. The gang lurch forward- toward the adventurers, they’re about to bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘aggressive begging.’

As if that wasn’t enough Erais cries out, points up and left, as a black smudge detaches itself from its inky roost amongst the roofs, and flutters down to join in the fun- a Shadow Bat Swarm. The adventurers hate swarms.

The inky black Bat storm moves remarkably quickly, in seconds it has descended and surrounded Riardon- swarming the Eladrin, trying to bite him- somehow the Ranger ducks, dives and darts and miraculously avoids any harm.

Kathra meanwhile rushes forward and Cleaves with her warhammer at the nearest pair of Human Beggars, and misses. The Dwarf is not happy, and so tries again with her Passing Attack- two of the Beggars are smashed to the cobbles, they’re not getting up, ever. The rest of the Beggar’s react- Kathra is smashed on the back with a wooden plank, hit on the side with a lead pipe, jabbed in the gut with a table leg, lashed on the thigh with a rusty chain and stabbed in the arm with a large butter knife. The Dwarf manages to dodge the artillery- a bottle, a cobblestone and a turnip. Kathra looks like she’s in a world of hurt, she’s swiftly bloodied by the Beggar minions.


Human Beggar- Have Shoe will Protest.

Tira however concentrates her efforts on the Shadowy Bat Swarm, her Cursed Eldritch Blast strikes the flying vermin- but to no great affect. Moments later Riardon extricates himself from the Swarm’s clutches, not without paying the price however, the Bats frenzy and the Eladrin is bitten numerous times- the creatures seem to have injected some cold and dark toxin into him- he shivers and shakes furiously.

Riardon’s taking ongoing necrotic and cold damage from the Swarm. The Eladrin quickly grabs out his bow, notches an arrow, and fires into the thick of the Bats, and somehow contrives to miss all of them.


Human Beggar- Bottling up!

Erais, the Sunlord, mutters a prayer and Kathra’s wounds heal over; he then launches a radiant beam at the Bats- sears a great hole in the thickest part of the maelstrom. The Bats are further damaged as they’re vulnerable to his radiant power. Moments later, as Erais watches on, several of the Bats that he presumed to be dead suddenly right themselves and flap up off the cobbles and back into the Swarm- they’re regenerating, Erais screams a warning to his compatriots.


The swirling Bats suddenly burst out in every direction, their wings blinding all those within their reach, who are not quick enough to shield their eyes- which turns out to be just Riardon, the Eladrin staggers hurt again and now unable to see anything. Riardon is blinded and on six hit points only.


Shadow Bat Swarm- They’ll strip the flesh from your bones.

Kathra meantime takes another two of the Beggars down with her Cleave attack, in return she is stabbed again and then smashed by another Beggar wielding what looks to be a charred and partially eaten pigs hind leg. Kathra is now surrounded by the six remaining Beggars, all of whom are trying to kill her.

Tira moves a little further back, and then launches another Cursed Witchfire attack at the Swarm, it misses, she tries again with an Eldritch Blast, the Bats burn, but all too briefly.

Riardon staggers back also, trying desperately to see what’s going on- and where he is in relation to the Swarm. The Bat venom meanwhile continues to eat away at his insides- chilling him to the bone in the process. The Eladrin sucks up the hurt and gets his Second Wind

Erais also shuffles back away from the Swarm, and then launches a Sacred Flame at the pesky Bats, and another miss. The Sunlord tries harder, much harder- the Swarm is suddenly engulfed in a Cascade of Light- it burns. And when the light is gone the flying vermin have lost over half of their number, the Swarm is bloodied- but still regenerating fast however. Erais mutters yet another prayer and Riardon’s wounds are forgotten in an instant.

The Bat Swarm flutters forward to menace Riardon some more, the Eladrin is the most vulnerable- what with him being blind, he’s bitten a myriad times.

Kathra continues to keep the six remaining Beggars at bay, although she takes a few more hits in the process; the Dwarf takes a brief moment to clear her head, taking her Second Wind, ready for more hurt.

Tira is also bitten by the Bats, she retreats further and then unleashes another Cursed Eldritch Blast, alas the creatures are far too quick and outmanoeuvre her attack. Riardon, still blinded, is likewise bitten some more- he staggers, and then disappears, his Fey Step teleports him away from the danger- working on instinct he also unleashes another arrow in the general direction of the Swarm- it alas flies high, wide and handsome.

A burst of flame suddenly engulfs the Bats, Erais’ Sacred Flame (a Crit)- the Swarm is decimated, destroyed, the few stray Bats remaining flutter off to seek safety elsewhere.

Kathra smashes another two of the Beggars down- although she’s hit again with the table leg. Tira, still subject to the Bat toxin, manoeuvres away from the Beggars and launches her Eldritch Blast- one of the disheveled Humans bursts into flames, and after squirming in agony a while, expires.

Riardon mean time is out of the action, still blind, the Eladrin glugs down a healing potion and at last shakes off his visual impairment. Erais fires off a Sacred Flame at one of the Beggars but fails to connect.

Kathra fights on, she swats and misses her enemies this time, and is stabbed again with the big butter knife in reply- there are now only three of Beggars left to defeat however. Tira’s Eldritch Blast takes out the first, Riardon- who can now see again, accounts for the second.


Human Beggar- Nailed on!

The final Beggar flops onto the slick cobblestones, throws away his weapon (the big butter knife), and begs to be spared. Erais nods, grabs the filthy Human up and rushes into the decrepit warehouse ahead, and out of the rain, dragging the miscreant with him.

The adventurers have an easy time extracting information from the lone surviving Beggar, the wretch is terrified of the guys- the cobblestones still slick with the blood of his fellows. It seems the Beggar King has not been seen for a while; the consensus is that something bad has happened to him, although the Beggar, ‘Filthy Tony’, has no idea what. Filthy Tony has however noticed, during fleeting moments of sobriety, an increase in the number of mercenaries hired in to defend his master’s lair- again he cannot account for this. All he knows is something is very, very wrong.

The Beggar points the adventurers in the direction of the Beggar King’s court, up a rickety ladder and through an open window, hardly the most dignified way to enter the royal throne room. The guys, after a short rest and the time it takes to tie the last Beggar up, decide they need to end this, to finally pay the Beggar King a visit.

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