Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #2.07


Encounter #8 Area 1-14 Court of the Beggar King.
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Camouflaged Pit Trap (Warder 2)
Human Rogue- Black Shet (Skirmisher 4)
Encounter Level 1- 300 XP



Soon after the adventurers are up the ladder and fully assembled in the Beggar King’s throne room, there are two guards over the far side of the chamber- although neither has moved an inch- suspicious. Also on the far side of the chamber is a cot-cum-bed, occupied, the inhabitant shaking and moaning in their sleep- the Beggar King is having nightmares it seems.

Other than that… hang on, Riardon and Erais spot movement, in the rafters above- a weasely looking Human in black leather armour. The pair scream warnings and launch their attacks; the man in the rafters already has a dagger in hand.

Once again the guys are operating with a shoot first ask questions later policy, Riardon is first in to the action- firing into the rafters with his bow, and after his first shot misses he tries again. The second arrow strikes the miscreant in the shoulder, actually impaling the scoundrel briefly- blood gushes (a Crit).

The Rogue in the rafters however is not giving up, he spins out his throwing dagger- the blade thuds in to Tira’s chest, the Tiefling staggers and almost falls, she’s bloodied in one hit. Moments later the villain in black scuttles along the rafters and deep into the shadows in the eaves of the roof, out of sight.

Erais scans the area- he can no longer see the villain, he moves in to the chamber proper- eyes on the ceiling searching desperately for the knife throwing menace…



Camouflaged Pit Trap- Sneaky!

Suddenly a huge section of the floor falls away, a massive Pit Trap. Erais is left dangling, having grabbed onto the edge of the opening just in time. The Sunlord looks down- ten feet or so below him is a cage of some sort- with an inviting open top, the cage is suspended from a taut rope, at least thirty or forty feet above a vast rushing river. There are torches below illuminating a huge chamber. Erais takes a fresh grip and begins to haul himself up and out of danger.

Back up top Tira clutches at her wound and staggers, she attempts to weave her magic- Witchfire illuminates the rafters, scorches several of them- but doesn’t connect with the hidden villain. Angry Tira tries again, an Eldritch Blast follows but it too is wide of the mark.

Kathra meantime is all the way around the pit and to the far side- she smashes the first guard down, it needs to be said that the guards have still not moved an inch. The first guard, it very quickly becomes clear, is a wooden dummy with clothes on it- it tumbles in to the pit, the Dwarf Fighter looks sorely disappointed- the second guard is the same.

Riardon scurries around the outside of the pit also, desperate to spot the enemy above- success, the Ranger points and screams at Black Shet, then fires another arrow, the black clad Rogue clutches at his side, and almost falls from his perch.
Black Shet is one hit away from…


A different dagger but the same result, Tira takes a second blade to the chest, the Warlock collapses- blood gushing from the wound (a crit- Tira is on -10 hp).

Erais drags himself up and out of the pit, and then rushes over- moments later Tira stirs. The Sunlord looks up- instantly spots the Rogue in the rafters and mutters dark words- Black Shet suddenly panics, rushes forward across the beams, and slips, and falls.

He lands cat-like on his feet, and only ten feet away from Erais and Tira.

The later sits up, still clutching at her wounds, Tira points with her wand and the Rogue is suddenly, and fatally, engulfed by flames- her Eldritch Blast.


Human Rogue- Black Shet- Mean & Moody.

A little while later the adventurers take a moment to stare over the edge of the pit, just a moment however- Erais indicates the sleeping figure- the Beggar King? Doubtful.

The guys head over; the slumbering figure is awoken- at knife point. She screams.

The figure turns out to be an eight year old female street urchin, who the guys will later learn is called Reena, she’s bound and gagged, and when released wants her mum. It’s enough to break a tough adventurer’s heart.


Human Urchin- Reena- Don’t kill me please, Mister.

Reena suddenly screams again, and points, the adventurers turn just in time to see two sturdy looking miscreants, followed by Arthuro the Fence, climbing in the window.

Arthuro, the Rogue from the Bazaar of the Bizarre- you remember (see Encounter #3), he and his two friends amble in to the Beggar King’s Throne Room, looking tough, and obviously loyal to the last.

In truth the PCs are a whisker away from having enough XP to advance to Level 2, therefore I’ve added the next encounter in to take them the rest of the way- I need them to be Level 2 before they head below, into the Dungeon of the Beggar King. There are only four of them, without five PCs things are going to be tough, particularly if what happened last time I played this scenario happens again. You’ll see…

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