Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #2.08


Encounter #9 Area 1-14 Arthuro, and friends, in the Court of the Beggar King.
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Human Tough (Brute 2) x2
Human Rogue- Arthuro the Fence (Skirmisher 4)
Encounter Level 1- 425 XP



Arthuro snarls and launches his dagger… Which thuds into the far wall, missing the previously bound and gagged young girl by inches, Riardon looks livid. His bow sings and Arthuro sprouts an arrow from his chest (a Crit), the Eladrin scowls at the Fence who looks sheepish, and hurt.

Erais’s Lance of Faith likewise slams into the Fence, the Sunlord is equally displeased, the child could have been killed- Arthuro screams in agony.

Kathra meantime scuttles back around the gaping pit and cuts off the first of Arthuro’s buddies- the Toughs, the Dwarf shows the Human a thing or two about combat- she smashes the guy with her warhammer, it’s all the Tough can do to avoid falling down the pit.

Arthuro is suddenly, and finally, engulfed in flames- Tira’s Cursed Witchfire, the Fence thumps onto his knees and then face-plants the floor, still burning- but definitely dead.

The first Tough swings hard at Kathra, she ducks just in time. The second rushes around the other side of the pit and slams his mace in to Erais, the Sunlord is badly winded (a Crit)- and left gasping for air.


Human Tough- Grrr!

Riardon attempts to come to Erais’ rescue, alas his arrow flies high and wide. The Sunlord fights back but doesn’t manage to land a blow- the Human facing the Priest is clearly adept in both attack and defence. Kathra meantime slams her warhammer into the other Tough, moments later the guy is Cursed courtesy of Tira and hit by her Eldritch Blast- he’s seen enough, the Tough flees, or else- tries to. Kathra smashes the Human in the back, a fatal attack.

The other Tough, although now facing off against the entire adventuring party, fights on- although he too fails to connect with his mace. Moments later he learns to regret his decision, he takes an arrow to his right arm, and then a grazing blow to his left thigh courtesy of Erais’ mace.


Human Rogue- Arthuro the Fence- He’s still got it.

And yet stubborn to the last, and even as the other adventurers unleash their fury, the Human decides to Tough it out.

Just to say behind the DMs Screen I usually just roll a D20 to see what the last bad guy standing does- high number and the monster fights on; medium number and it does the sensible thing- which in this situation is to surrenders; low number and it flees. This isn’t going to be a long fight- there’s no concern about grind, therefore I’d rather just have it play out- if the guys want a prisoner then they can work it out for themselves. Obviously if I had something I wanted the bad guy to say then I’d surrender right now without the roll. I rolled ‘20’ for this guy’s check- three times in a row.

Riardon fires another arrow wide, Erais lands another hit- although again only a grazing blow which barely breaks the skin- Kathra and Tira are however now on hand, they make the Human pay.

Kathra slams her warhammer into the Tough’s right shoulder, moments later the Cursed Human is hit by Tira’s Eldritch Blast- and destroyed.

The guys have made it through the first level of the dungeon, although all along they were operating in the belief that there was only one level to this scenario. The adventurers settle down to take a well-earned Extended Rest, after searching the bad guys and the throne room for money et al.

They take the ladder away that leads up to the throne room after first clearing up in the warehouse and cobbled area below- getting rid of the bloody bodies of the fallen Beggars.

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