Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #2.09


The adventurers take it in turns to head off into Fallcrest, to try to sell or else exchange some of the magic items they’ve found along the way that are of no use to them.

They will all also be up to Level 2 after an extended rest.

Obviously this is not a campaign (this is what I wrote at the time- little did I know it would turn into a campaign) so I don’t mind a bit of ‘magic shop’, it’s also the end of the session- and the guys have all played in Fallcrest before. Therefore we do a little bit of roleplay, a bit of haggling here and there, with visits to various vendors in the city- playing one off against another, a few skill checks as required, and these are the results-


Riardon with +1 Targeting Longbow.

Riardon swaps out the +1 Duelist Dagger (from Black Shet, the Rogue in the rafters) and some money for a +1 Targeting Longbow.


Erais the Sunlord with +1 Mace.

Erais swaps out the +1 Short Sword and a little coin for a +1 Mace.


Kathra with +1 Warhammer.

Kathra swaps out the +1 Bastard Sword and a little coin for a +1 Warhammer.


Tira with +1 Dagger.

Tira keeps the +1 Dagger.

The young girl, Reena, is rescued and taken to the appropriate authorities, hopefully her parents- if they’re alive, can be found.

During their time resting in the throne room the guys discover another concealed trapdoor in the floor of the chamber, with a rickety ladder heading down into the huge chamber below.

And so ends the second session of play.

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