Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #2.10


We raced through a whole bunch of encounters in this session, although many of them were fairly easy to complete-

Encounter #4 The trapped chest played out very quickly, and the new characters Kathra & Tira had een rolled up between sessions, so we were quickly into action.

Encounter #5 The Rats proved frustrating, who puts two Swarms in an encounter, as I say frustrating for the players- particularly Kathra who spent a good while stuck between both of them.

Encounter #6 The guys made mincemeat of Zeb’oltha, but not before the Tiefling set Corrin on fire, repeatedly- the Halfling paid with his life. Which again goes to show the damage output of MM3 rules combined with Goodman Games predilection for using PC style attacks for their bad guys. Zeb’oltha, the Tiefling Warlock, did 3d10+5 damage with his Daily Flames of Phlegethos- and rolled high, poor Corrin. Still with Dave not back, Kathra is now Iain’s new PC. Much fun was had with this encounter- waddling fat Eunuchs play well- I must remember this for later games.

Encounter #7 And again the Bat Swarm is real hard to kill, the Beggars took a good while to beat down too but that was because for quite a while Kathra was the only one of the adventurers fighting them- the other three players were stuck in the Swarm. It’s a dumbish thing to say but when the party drops from 5 PCs to 4 PCs then the combat gets a little nasty, quicker. Another comic encounter, I had much fun with the Beggars weapons of war- turnips, butter knives etc.

Encounter #8 Black Shet took a beating, it didn’t help my guy that he was struck by a Crit early on in the piece.

Encounter #9 And again a quick take down of Arthuro, another Crit, and the encounter was more or less over.

As I say we raced through encounters in this session.

The guys however were extremely miffed when they discovered that the Beggar King wasn’t at home and they had more, perhaps much more, to do. That’s not to say they were unhappy at the prospect but rather they had convinced themselves that the session would end in some climactic confrontation in the throne room. Somehow they’d got it in their heads that there was no second level to the adventure- no dungeons below etc. I obviously didn’t put them right- left them thinking that as they smashed their way through the encounters desperately in search of the Beggar King…

What a bad man I am.

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