Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #3.03


Encounter #10a Area 2-1 The Slave Pens of Punjar.
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Hobgoblin Slavers (Skirmisher 1) x3
Great Ape (Brute 3)
Level 1 Encounter- 450XP



And so the adventurers, now fully rested and re-equipped, head down the ladder and into the huge cavern below. To their right the river flows, they’re on a rocky ledge which leads east to a much larger open area.

Clearly the suspended cage they spied earlier- looking down the pit in the Beggar King’s Throne room, is part of some sort of elaborate trap, or else a transportation device, perhaps both. Pulleys and cables lead down from the suspended cage to a great capstan far to the east- the great windlass is probably used to draw the cable-car like device in.

Also ahead, on a beach, are a number of what look to be cells (labelled A to D on the map), some of which seem to be inhabited- what is this place?

Perhaps, at last, the mystery will be revealed.

Last, but by no means least, the adventurers spot a large creature by the windlass, a shaggy black-haired beast, a Great Ape. Fortunately the creature seems to be chained to the cavern wall.

The adventurers wait and watch a while, and then move forward- pressed hard against the wall, trying to stay out of sight.

There are people in the cages down on the beach- two ladies dressed in fine clothes; an aged male in robes with a slight, and much younger looking, companion; also a glum looking Dwarf; and two gap-toothed Beggars. The inhabitants of the cells spot the adventurers, begin to gesture and call over. Riardon looks stern and attempts to ‘shush’ them, but the two Beggars are having none of it- the pair begin caterwauling, making a terrible racket.

Which in turn agitates the Great Ape; the beast screeches and howls, flails and pulls on its restraining chain.

The adventurers desperately attempt to shush the drunken Beggars, but too late.


Hobgoblin Slaver- The Jailers.

A trio of armoured Hobgoblins saunter into the chamber through a cave opening, previously unseen, the Beggars in the cages scream and point.

The game is up, the guys attack, their cover blown.

Riardon is first in to the action, the Eladrin’s bow sings and two arrows fly- the first two Hobgoblins are struck, the pair scream in alarm and instantly back-pedal, grabbing their bows from their backs.

Moments later two arrows fly back at Riardon, one grazes the Eladrin’s right arm, the other heads well wide. The third Hobgoblin rushes over to the capstan and the Great Ape, moments later the chain around the beast falls away.

“Cock!” Kathra neatly summarises events.

The great beast rushes forward- towards the adventurers, it covers the intervening distance in seconds- slamming both fists down at Riardon- the Eladrin scuttles back just in time.

Kathra dodges in front of the Ranger- roars her anger and smashes her warhammer in to the Great Ape; she pushes the creature back with her Tide of Iron. Erais fires off a radiant Lance of Faith which singes the creature, Tira’s Witchfire however fails to manifest.


Ape Great- Goes Bananas.

Riardon scurries back a little further and then fires two more arrows at the ferocious beast, the first misses its target, the second thunks in to the creature’s left orb (a Crit), and shatters it- the beast roars in pain and fury.

The Hobgoblins scream and shout, the Ape is almost finished, even they can see that- the trio back-pedal further, to the cavern entrance, ready themselves once more and then fire their bows, this time at Kathra.

All three arrows miss.

As does the Great Ape, which again brings both of its massive fists down- remarkably the Dwarf is much too quick. Erais mutters a short prayer and fire suddenly engulfs the hominid, it staggers once, and then sinks to its knees- finally flops forward, still smouldering- dead.

Kathra grips her warhammer, looks up- spies the Hobgoblins and charges ahead, smashing into the first goblinoid, bloodying the archer. At the same moment a burst of Blazing Stars shoot forth from Tira’s wand, and fall upon their her enemies- the Hobgoblin Kathra is menacing is burnt and singed- it drops down dead, a second is left scalded and swatting at its pockmarked smoking skin.

Riardon strides forward, bow at the ready, he takes aim- and fires, the second Hobgoblin Slaver falls, clutching at its throat and the arrow lodged there. The Ranger continues forward, takes aim again, and fires again- his second arrow thumps in to the last remaining Hobgoblin, protruding from its right thigh. Staggering, and dragging its near useless leg behind it, the wailing goblinoid rushes back the way it came, it disappears entirely into the shadows of the cavern.


Note the Hobgoblin heads through area 2-2 and into 2-5 on the map above, the portcullis is up.

Erais chases after the lone survivor, skids around the corner and spies a wide rocky passage- there’s a set of stairs leading down in to a well lit chamber, visible through a sturdy set of open wooden doors. In the newly revealed chamber, amidst campfires and sprawling bedrolls, are a dozen-or-so creatures, Goblins and more Hobgoblins- a barracks.

Erais screams for his fellows, moments later Kathra and Tira sprint around the corner to join him, Riardon is still coming on behind- ahead the goblinoids grab for their weapons and jump to their feet- battle is about to be joined again.

The creatures are situated in the Great Slaver Hall, area 2-5A on the map above.

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