Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #3.04


Encounter #10b Area 2-1 The Slave Pens of Punjar.
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Goblin Archer (Minion 1) x6
Hobgoblin Slavers (Skirmisher 1) x7
Great Ape (Brute 3)
Dragonborn Warlord- Gorliss (Soldier 3)
Level 6 Encounter- 1150XP



It just got dangerous.

Again. Funny how this kind of thing always happens in Goodman Games scenarios, or is it just when I’m DMing them.

Riardon appears at last, settles himself- takes aim, and fires- the Hobgoblin Erais was chasing takes an arrow to the back, it has to cling onto the rocky cavern wall to save itself from falling. A Goblin Archer, just rising, is hit by the Eladrin’s second arrow, it slumps back down dead.

The players breath a sigh of relief, thank Pelor- some of their enemies are Minions.

Gorliss the Dragonborn is in charge of the goblinoid Slavers, he grabs up his greatsword and then screaming all the way charges out of the chamber and straight into Kathra, two of the Hobgoblins follow after- the Dwarf is cut twice, although both are only minor wounds, she’s not impressed however- Kathra slams her magical warhammer into the Dragonborn.

The three remaining Hobgoblins grab out their bows- settle themselves for action, and fire.

At Kathra again.

Two out of three of the arrows hit home, the Dwarf staggers- already bloodied.

The Sunlord moves a little closer to the Kathra, sends out a clutch of radiant beams, Gorliss is singed, as is another of the Hobgoblins attacking the Dwarf. Erais mutters a short prayer and Kathra’s wounds mostly heal over.

Four of the five Goblin Archers grab out their bows and fire in to the mix- again their target is Kathra, the Dwarf takes another minor wound. The last Goblin- a brave soul seemingly, grabs out its short sword and charges the Dwarf- Kathra, keeps the creature at bay.


Goblin Archer- Minion Artillery.

Tira Curses the closest enemy, and then with the magical rod she took from the fat Tiefling Warlock Zeb’oltha she conjures again her Blazing Starfall- two of the Goblins are burnt to death, while one of the Hobgoblins and Gorliss, the Dragonborn leader, suffer minor burns. Remember the wand allows an already spent Encounter Power to be used again.

Tira tries again, concentrating her efforts on the wild-looking Dragonborn, she sends out her Eldritch Blast- but Gorliss is too quick, and the magic misses its target.

Riardon fires another Twin Strike- his first arrow kills stone dead one of the Hobgoblins menacing Kathra, the second slams into Gorliss- the Dragonborn Warlord staggers, bloodied at last.

The Dragonborn screams its fury and then unleashes its Bastion of Defence attack- smashing its greatsword into Kathra, who is bloodied once more. Gorliss’ goblinoid allies in the chamber answer their leader’s call- they find fresh energy to take the fight to the adventurers. A moment later many of the Dragonborn’s wounds heal over, as he mutters a few Inspiring Words to himself.

Gorliss’ Bastion of Defence, a Daily power, grants all allies in 5 squares +1 To Hit until the end of the encounter, and 7 temporary hit points each- nice work, bad guy.

The Goblin Archers drop their bows and draw their short swords- they rush to attack, two slash at Kathra- to no effect, while a second pair charge Erais- the Sunlord is cut twice although luckily both wounds are only scratches.

Erais steps quickly back out of the fracas, unleashes a Sacred Flame- but again Gorliss is too quick, he then prays some more- Kathra’s wounds, once again, heal over. That’s all of Erais’ healing spent.

The remaining Goblins continue to slash and hack with their swords- Kathra takes yet another minor wound.


Dragonborn Warlord- Orlis the Goat- Leading the Defence.

Tira points with her magic wand- Gorliss suddenly drops his sword and desperately rub his eyes- to clear his sight, grimacing the Dragonborn sinks to his knees and then flops down dead, fatally affected by the Tiefling’s Eyebite power. Tira suddenly disappears in a puff of smoke- her Misty Step, she’s back at the rear of the adventurers- as far away from harm as she can get.

Two Hobgoblin Slavers continue to cut and menace Kathra, she takes another minor wound; two more slash at Erais, but he manages to keep the pair at bay. The Sunlord backs away again, gets clear of his attackers- his Sacred Flame, with additional fire from his Power of Amaunator, engulfs one of the remaining Hobgoblin Slavers- the creature however looks unconcerned.

Kathra slashes hard but fails to connect, the Dwarf calls on her Second Wind and gets her breath back- just in time as a pair of Goblins dart in and cut at her.

Tira’s Eyebite comes again- causing another of the Hobgoblins to stagger and shake its head, the creature is left bloodied and unable to see Tira anymore.

Riardon unleashes another volley, two more arrows- two more misses.

The Hobgoblins continue to swing and swat, Kathra is struck once more- the Dwarf swats back but misses her attacker. Erais is however on hand- a burst of Sacred Flame destroys one of the Hobgoblin Slavers facing off against the hardy Dwarf.

It’s not enough, the adventurers need to start making their mark, Kathra cries out again as the pair of Goblins menacing her both dodge in and stab her. One of the creatures pays a hefty price; the creature spills its weapon and then gouges at its eyes, till it slumps down dead- Tira’s Eyebite comes again.

Riardon fires again- and one of the Hobgoblins facing Erais drops down dead, the other clutches at a fresh wound- the Eladrin is back on target it seems.

There are only two Hobgoblins and two Goblins left in the fight- Kathra and Erais defend successfully against the creature’s attacks. Kathra lashes out and the Hobgoblin facing her is smashed down- dead, Erais thumps and bloodies the last remaining Slaver.

That’s enough, the last two Goblins shuffle back a little way, and then turn and run- back into the chamber from which they emerged (Area 2-5a)- and screaming all the while.

Tira’s Eldritch Blast leaves the last Hobgoblin standing bruised and burnt- and with not long left for this world.

The Goblin Archers meantime flee through the chamber in which they were camped and then hard right and through another cavern opening, and out of sight.

There’s a brief moment when nothing happens- the lone battered and nearly broken Hobgoblin Slaver looks left, and then right- he has no friends here- and so cuts and runs- Kathra smashes her warhammer into the fleeing beast’s back- dead.


Riardon, for some reason (more of this later) rushes off again- after the Goblin Archers- without a second thought the other three adventurers hustle after the Ranger. They as one reach the exit of the Great Hall (Area 2-5A) and turn in to yet another open cavern chamber (Area 2-6).

At which point, for the adventurers, it gets much much worse.

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