Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #3.05


Encounter #10c Area 2-1 The Slave Pens of Punjar.
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Goblin Archer (Minion 1) x6
Hobgoblin Slavers (Skirmisher 1) x7
Gnoll Overseer- Reiko (Brute 2)
Gnoll Overseer- Wrix (Brute 2)
Great Ape (Brute 3)
Dragonborn Warlord- Gorliss (Soldier 3)
Drow Rogue- Drazen (Lurker 3)
Eladrin Mage- Virmoth (Controller 3)
Level 9 Encounter- 1700XP



And so two encounters become three; god bless Goodman Games.

Oh, and that’s right- a level 9 encounter, and with the PCs only just hitting level 2.

Back to the action-

Ahead a wooden walkway spans two rocky ledges, at least ten feet below is another beach with a wooden ladder leading down to it, and another waterway which seems to head further underground.

On the wooden walkway, hidden in the shadows is Drazen the Drow, a Rogue and a slaver- Drazen frantically signals silently to his colleagues down below.


Gnoll Overseer- Reiko- Hammer Time!

Down on the beach below are a pair of burly Gnolls- Wrix and Reiko, The duo are carrying treasure chests to a large row boat; and standing by the row boat- directing operations, is Virmoth the Eladrin Wizard, the head of the slavers.

Needless to say the fleeing Goblin Archers scream and shout, and quickly alert the slavers to the adventurer’s presence.

The Drow scurries back a little way, well out of sight, ready to launch his attack.

Riardon’s not sure who is on the beach, he’s not in a good position to see, although he’ certain there are some figures down there. He can however see the two Goblins yelling and pointing back at him- his arrows fly. Moments later both Goblins tumble off the wooden walkway and on to the sandy beach below, Riardon presumes.

Virmoth, the Eladrin Mage screams at the Gnolls, the pair drop the chests they’re carrying and rush for the ladder. I figured I’d help the guys out at this point by making the bad guys a bit ill-prepared.

Erais moves a little way forward- looks down to see what’s happening, the Sunlord takes a moment to get his Second Wind. Meantime Kathra bundles on forward, dashing out onto the wooden walkway, moments later the Dwarf has to duck as a Force Bolt, fired by Virmoth, passes just over her head and smashes into the cavern wall sending splinters of rock flying.


Gnoll Overseer- Wrix- Whip it real good!

The first Gnoll makes it up the ladder, grabs a whip from off its belt, and flails at Kathra- the Dwarf is much too quick. The second Gnoll follows up, and is slammed with Kathra’s warhammer as it approaches.

Tira Curses the nearest Gnoll and then hits it with her Eldritch Blast- the humanoid is burnt but seemingly unconcerned, or else tough, that is until Riardon’s second shot finds the spot- the creature staggers, almost falls, bloodied.

Virmoth suddenly appears atop the wooden walkway, a little behind the Gnolls- the mage fires a second Force Bolt which slams into Kathra, who somehow manages to avoid being flung off the walkway and down onto the beach, she Stands Her Ground.

Erais’ Lance of Faith burns the second Gnoll- both creatures are now bruised and battered. Kathra attempts to end one of the creatures before her but over-reaches and is hit by the Gnoll with the maul, Reiko- the Dwarf is also bloodied.

Suddenly a small dark elf darts into sight and fires a hand crossbow, Kathra is taken completely by surprise, the Dwarf staggers- almost drops. The Drow scurries back and out of view. Kathra is down to two hit points.


Drow Rogue- Drazen- The Dark Elf.

Riardon reacts instantly and another pair of arrows fly over Kathra’s head- moments later both Gnolls topple sideways off the wooden walkway- excellent shooting.

Kathra eyes Virmoth- the way is now clear to the Eladrin Mage, the Dwarf grins, a moment later a Force Blast erupts in the midst of the adventurers- Kathra’s grin disappears as she flops onto the wooden walkway, unconscious; Erais and Tira are also bruised, but not yet bloodied. Virmoth screams at the guys to ‘clear out’, actually his language is a little more descriptive, and florid.

Erais unleashes his Cascade of Light- the effect is underwhelming, Virmoth seems less than impressed. Erais’ Daily power does 8 radiant damage- that’s about the least he could roll.

Tira launches her Eldritch Blast- again the Eladrin Mage survives with only very minor burns. Drazen, the Drow dodges back in to sight- PING! And Tira clutches at the spot, the Tiefling staggers, she’s bloodied.

Riardon has had enough, the Eladrin Ranger strides a little way forward- fires once, twice, three times- two of his three arrows hit home, Virmoth tumbles off the ledge- dead.


Eladrin Mage- Virmoth- Look into my Eyes.

Which just leaves the pesky Drow- Drazen.

Erais rushes forward, the Sunlord grabs out his mace en route and smashes it into Drazen, alas the ‘smash’ is more of half-arsed glancing blow. Tira however makes up for this, her Eldritch Blast catches the Drow full force (a Crit)- the inhabitant of the underdark is left only just conscious.

Kathra meanwhile coughs up a slick of blood- having failed her first Death Save.

The three adventurers close in on the Drow, Drazen looks around him- there’s nowhere left to hide, he leaps down to the beach- or at least that’s his intention.

Whenever a bad guy uses a skill like Athletics I roll a D20, just to give me an idea of how successful they are- it’s only ten feet down to the beach and, oh I rolled a ‘1’, so I roll the dice again for damage- a D10, that’s a ‘10’.

Drazen trips as he leaps- plunges head first towards the beach, nothing to break his fall, except his neck.

The Drow is dead.

Erais is quickly to the fallen Kathra, a moment later the Dwarf is stable, the titanic encounter- at last, is over.

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