Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #3.06


The players absolutely loved that last encounter… just a little bit more each time- Goodman Games scenarios are so easy to run this way, I love them. I guess I should try for more like this in future adventures, or at least when it feels right. This was a Level 9 encounter, that’s pretty awesome- PCs Level +7, and but for maybe two rounds of attrition (when the PCs and the bad guys were not connecting) then it was a roller-coaster ride.

After a short rest the adventurers are down onto the beach, having secured the area as best they can, the treasure chests are hauled up, the dead Slavers et al are thoroughly searched and all findings deposited in the now empty Slaver’s Great Hall (Area 2-5a).

The guys then back track to the slave cages on the first beach, spring all of the inhabitants except the Beggars, they make some new friends for life, the prisoners are-


Crox- a Dwarf tinker- Mr. Fixit.

The Dwarf is keen to get involved, and yet keener still to get the hell out of the Beggar King’s lair.


Baroness Lady Constance- stoic and resolute.


Lady-in-waiting, Flanella- the Baroness Constance’s constant companion.

The pair are desperate to escape captivity, although the Baroness is not one to panic.


Lorilass, an ancient Sage.

And his companion.


Drabull, Lorilass’ Half-Elf apprentice.

The later pair are obviously philosophical (a little) about their present predicament, although they have perhaps fared the worse.

The prisoners are however overjoyed to see the guys again, each has a story to tell, which in summary all go a little like this-

I/we were walking along down [insert name of street close to Cutpurse Alley] when I/we were suddenly jumped by a bunch of Beggars and men wearing what looked to be dog skins. They captured us and then brought us here.

Which is pretty much all they know, although they’re pretty certain that- from what some of their Hobgoblin keepers had said, that they were bound for a life (possibly a very short life) of slavery.

The Beggar King has turned slaver, and now the PCs get it- or at least they think they do. That’s what has been going on here, the mercenaries hired to do the dirty work, but… where is the Beggar King?

The former captives think, or at least Crox does- he’s been here the longest, that the Beggar King is located further on into the dungeon complex- the Dwarf believes the villain passed this way maybe two or three days ago- he’s not certain.

The good citizens are sent back up- to the surface, guided by Kathra all the way out of the Beggar King’s lair and onto the streets of Fallcrest. The disheveled gang are eventually passed over to a passing patrol of Fallcrest Watchmen, doing their rounds- it’s emotional, Kathra has to promise that she and her fellow adventurers will come back later for their reward, this before Lady Constance will let the brave Dwarf Fighter go.

Note the Beggars in the cells, the guys that called out to the Hobgoblin Slavers and instigated the last titanic fight, these guys are left to rot for a while, to consider their actions. The adventurers will come back for them on the way out.

The players are overjoyed to have made some sense, at last, out of the events in the Beggar King’s lair, they’re also happy to have rescued the civilians- while money and magic items are good, lost citizens (particularly for Erais) are better.

Kathra heads off, all the way back down to her fellow adventurers, the guys decide to have a look around the Slaver’s Great Hall, and examine the chests et al, before they head off anywhere else- time for some rewards.

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