Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #3.07


Encounter #11 Area 2-5 A & B The Hoard of the Beggar King.
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Arrow Trap (Warder 2) on Chest #1.
Hail of Needles Trap (Blaster 2) on Chest #4.
Caustic Spear Trap (Warder 5) in cramped chest chamber.
Level 1 Encounter- 450 XP



First things first, the guys make a thorough search of the Slaver’s Great Hall, a small concealed niche is discovered in one of the rocky walls, inside is an Amulet of Protection +1, as identified by Tira, although Kathra lays claim to the magic item.

Kathra’s protected-


Kathra with +1 Amulet of Protection.

Also found is a much larger false wall which when torn down reveals a small rough stone chamber with a low ceiling and within a very large chest- the adventurers are certain that the chest, or else the chamber, must be trapped. However, fifteen minutes of searching later and no trap has been found, the guys take it in turns to creep into the cramped chamber- to take a look around, or else poke or prod- gently, and yet still nothing stirs- no traps.

The guys are certain that they have located something marvelous- no-one would go to the trouble of crafting a false wall to hide anything mundane, they’re a little excited at the prospect of getting the thing open.

Tira is reminded that she is the party’s official chest-opener, the price paid for claiming the Masterwork Lockpicks earlier, the Warlock is happy to oblige, she’s changed her tune- it’s funny what a little success can do. She creeps into the cramped chamber and gets to work. Less than ten seconds later a spear shoots down from a concealed hollow in the ceiling, none of the adventurers it seems had thought to look up there- it misses Tira by inches. A few seconds later a rivulet of clear liquid begins to flow down the weapon and puddle on the floor- Tira sniffs at the substance- acid. That could have been nasty.


Caustic Spear Trap- Aceeeeeed!

Eventually an executive decision is made, Kathra is sent in with orders to drag the chest out in to the Hall, the Dwarf complies and Tira gets back to work; moments later she has safely opened the chest, which turns out to be all but empty- there are only three gold coins within- bummer.

There’s actually a false bottom in the chest and a bunch of potions but the players don’t think to look- bummer.

The disappointed adventurers turn their attention to the coffers that were being loaded on to the slaver’s boat by the Gnolls- there are five in total, one-by-one they’re dragged into the Slaver’s Great Hall, and Tira is back in action-

Chest #1 is investigated, a trap which fires an arrow when the lid is lifted is easily disarmed, the chest itself is unlocked- within are a pile of coins, almost exclusively coppers.


Arrow Trap- Porcupine!

Chest #2 is not trapped, but after thirty minutes of trying Tira is forced to give up on the lock, it’s far too complex for her skills.

Chest #3 is also not trapped, and better still easily unlocked- more coins are found within. There follows a brief moment of jubilation- short-lived. The fifty or so platinum coins turn out to be painted coppers, Kathra soon discovers- ‘they don’t smell right’ the Dwarf states, and so it proves.

The rewards so far are a little underwhelming, the PCs are getting tetchy again.

Chest #4 is also trapped, Tira confirms, designed to fire out a hail of needles, once again however the Tiefling disarms the device, and soon after has the chest unlocked. Within is everything one would need to take on the role of journeyman thief- scratch that journeyman Assassin. With a selection of poisons to choose from, and another (perhaps even better) set of Thieves Tools (they’re black, compact, and made of some seemingly unbreakable metal), there are also clothes and weapons- mundane, as in not magical, but all items are of masterwork quality, or better. The adventurers presume that this is the dead Drow’s chest- they’re a little racist it seems.


Needle Trap- Spiked!

Chest #5 is not trapped and very easily unlocked, within are 15 silver ingots- with partially deleted Dwarven markings, stolen trade bars from the Underdark- suspicious.

The money and goods are quickly divided up, the adventurers disappointment (see above) passes, the guys are assuaged after adding up the estimated value of all they have found so far, including the money garnered from those recently slain, the guys now feel that the reward has been worth the effort, a good haul.

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