Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #3.08


Area 2-2 to 2-4 The Defiled Seal.


The adventurers back track a short distance, to an opening in the cavern wall they ran past earlier- in pursuit of the fleeing Hobgoblin Slaver. There’s a broken stone seal, or the remains of one on the cavern passage floor, with a cramped passage beyond. Riardon examines the area, the Ranger determines that the seal is, or rather was, ancient, and that it was only broken open very recently- a single set of footsteps lead into the dark passage- they don’t come out.

Care is taken; Riardon and Tira are convinced they should take a look within, while Kathra and Erais are less inclined, curiosity wins. Riardon and Tira lead the way.

A flight of roughly cut stairs lead up into a shadowy hexagonal chamber, with lit candles, and carvings on the floor and walls- it looks like some sort of ceremonial chamber. The footprint mystery is over- the body of a robed individual lies sprawled in the center of the chamber.

The adventurers decide on extreme caution, they begin by throwing stones at the body on the floor- it doesn’t rise, a ten minute discussion follows- what next? The situation is resolved when Riardon, fed up with the chatter, dashes into the chamber and grabs the corpse by a foot and drags it out clunking all the way back down the stairs.

For dead guy read dead Wizard, complete with Ritual Book and a pair of cheap, but silver plated, non-magical bracers, all of which are obviously taken.

The adventurers vote to head on, whatever strange ritual or rite took place in the chamber is beyond them, they’re disinclined to hang around to investigate.

In game I think I spooked them a little with my description of the chamber, I also had the players roll random D20s for no reason- while I pretended to mark things down on a sheet, tut a bit and look worried. The consensus is- bring on the Beggar King.

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