Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #3.11


Encounter #13 Area 3-1 The Shadow Dragon.
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Shadow Dragon (Solo Lurker 3)
Level 4 Encounter- 750 XP.



Onto the roof of the now unstable tower, the adventurers scatter as the entire structure lurches hard left, which only serves to increase the size of the great ragged rent in the center of the fortification. The guys are above the roofs of the slums, and before them- facing away from them, is the recently birthed Shadow Dragon, trying desperately to take to the air. The ferocious creature is being prevented from fleeing by an incredibly thin filament of shadow which leads all the way down to the Beggar King, who holds tight to the Shadow creature’s leash with his deathgrip.

Erais stops muttering his prayers and begins yelling them- each of the adventurers is briefly encased in a glowing shimmering force field, the Sunlord’s Shield of Faith.

Tira’s Eldritch Blast and Riardon’s Twin Strike all target the Shadow Dragon; alas only one of the Ranger’s arrows manages to find the mark- the creature turns to see…

Kathra charges, leaps the rift in the center of the tower, and then rushes on in an attempt to smash her warhammer into the Dragon; the shadowy menace alas proves to be a dexterous beast and avoids the Dwarf’s wayward flail.

Erais hits the thing with her Divine Glow, burning a small portion of the shadow away, the Sunlord follows up with his Lance of Faith- but again the dragon dodges aside. Tira is all action but no menace- the Tiefling Curses and then launches her Witchfire followed by Blazing Starfall- neither of her powers make a mark on the umbral beast.


Tira, whisper this, is dice-cursed.

The terrifying drake, still roaring in anger and thrashing its wings, lurches around, its tail lashes out and sends Kathra spinning, the Dwarf is knocked prone and left clinging to edge of the tower- its a long way down. Kathra looks up just in time to see the Dragon’s head- jaws open wide- coming straight for her, the creature bites down, at the last moment Kathra rolls aside, whilst still clinging onto the broken parapet.

Riardon scurries back- maintaining his distance from the beast, the Eladrin fires twice more, his Twin Strike- both arrows hit with devastating effects, punching great holes in the beast. Riardon rolls max damage on his first hit and a critical for his second arrow, and then max damage on the extra crit damage roll.

Kathra leaps to her feet Unstoppable, and slams her warhmmer… but no, she misses again, the Dwarf growls her anger and hatred of the beast. Erais’ Lance of Faith is also well wide of the drake, however Tira at last manages to catch the dragon with her Cursed Eldritch Blast- the Tiefling teleports away from the creature with her Ethereal Stride.

Not far enough away.

Kathra and Tira are suddenly engulfed in a shadowy mist as the umbral drake breathes down on the pair- the Dwarf is unaffected by the vapour but Tira is left blind and staggering. The Dragon’s Tail sweeps around again but Kathra leaps it just in time, she likewise dodges and ducks and avoids a second Bite attack.

Riardon fires another arrow- another hit.

Kathra fights back and smashes her warhammer into the shadowy creature, her Tide of Iron pushes the Dragon back- away from her fellow adventurers. The Dragon emits a piercing screech, furious and bloodied.

Erais fails again with his Lance of Faith, while the blind Tira continues to take necrotic damage- her Eldritch Blast is also way off target- the Tiefling cannot lift the veil of shadow which fogs her vision.

The Dragon lurches forward and comes again, it breathes out another deadly mist- and the same pair are caught in its gasp, but again it’s only the Tiefling that is affected. The foul Shadow creature rages, Kathra jumps another Tail Swipe and once more dodges the Dragon’s Bite.

That was the second Action Point for the Shadow Dragon- one hit on Tira, and of the other three dice rolls the highest was a ‘3’. That’s dice-cursed.


Shadow Dragon- The True Threat.

Riardon fires two more arrows- the Eladrin’s missiles again rip through the Shadow creature.

Riardon repeats his trick, and just for those that didn’t see it last time- he rolls maximum damage on his first attack, and then maximum damage on his critical hit second attack- WTF?

Kathra smashes the Dragon again and the great beast staggers, shudders once and then mewls like a kitten. Erais’ Lance of Faith (if at first you do not succeed etc.) shreds one of the its wings, the Sunlord waves his holy symbol in Tira’s direction and suddenly the Tiefling can see again.

Just in time… the Cursed Dragon is engulfed by her Eldritch Blast, it sways.

But its not done yet… the shadowy breath comes again and this time it is Kathra that is hurt, and left floundering- blind; Tira escapes the blast.

Riardon’s arrows flash wide- damn.

The Dragon growls and makes ready to launch its attack when Kathra blindly swipes and smashes the beast; the Dwarf shakes her head and the mist clears- she can see again. The Dragon’s Tail Swipe comes again and Kathra jumps rope and hops over the attack- it lurches forward and snaps and Bites at the Dwarf, and yet again she dodges back and avoids the blow.

How can that be? Aaaaarrrghhh! Just to note I needed to roll a 13 or 14 to hit Kathra, the Dragon is (I think) +8 to hit, and Kathra has an AC of 22 with Erais’ Shield of Faith. I think I hit the Dwarf once in something like ten melee attacks.

Riardon aims, and fires- and one moment the great drake is there, the next moment the Shadow Dragon, already patterned with a myriad rents and gashes, is gone.

The Shadow Dragon is destroyed- a loud moan followed by an elongated sigh echoes up from below as the last mote of life leaves the creature that was the Beggar King.

The adventurers scurry to find a way down safely, ropes are quickly grabbed from backpacks, tied off, and then rappelled down, onto nearby roofs, as the tower lurches first left, then right, and then concertinas down and falls in upon itself.

When the dust finally settles, abetted by the still lashing rain, the tower has gone, only a great mound of rubble remains.

The adventurers cling to the peak of a roof, scrabble on the wet tiles to find purchase, their grins punctuated only by ragged breaths.

The adventure is at last over, and they have won.

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