Adventure #1 WOTC DCC53 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #3.12


The Guard Captain scratches his head, and for the third time repeats the phrase- “What happened?”

Erais shakes his head and grins, and then everyone else talks again- Kathra gesticulating and pointing as she thunders. Tira likewise shouting and bawling, clearly frustrated by events; even the normally placid Riardon hectors and admonishes. In the background Lady Constance’s shrill voice berates, while the irate Dwarf tinker- Crox, shouts and bemoans, almost pleads… and on it goes.

The truth is no-one will believe them- they fought their way through the Beggar King’s lair- and it damn near killed the lot of them, they discovered a gang of Underdark slavers and slew the lot before rescuing their prisoners. Then they killed the Beggar King, or what was left of the terrifying horror, after the shadow had eaten his soul and spat it out… and then they fought a Shadow Dragon, and won, and no the body cannot be found, because it was made of… oh, but what’s the point.

Erais sits and grins, not bad this adventuring lark- he may even try it again…

The guys pick up a large dollop of cash, mainly from those they freed from the slavers grasp, actually mainly from Lady Constance; they also make several friends-for-life- if they ever need a sage, or indeed a tinker, then they’ve got it covered.

They spend the money on a variety of stuff, both magical and mundane- it’s more money than any of them have ever seen before, although Kathra’s family is rich beyond imagination, she’s never been given an allowance so vast.

Riardon lays out for some magical armour- a +1 suit of Screaming Hide Armour to be exact-


Riardon with +1 Screaming Hide Armour.

Erais settles for a +1 Amulet of Protection-


Erais the Sunlord with +1 Amulet of Protection.

While Kathra purchases a +1 suit of Scalemail Armour, to keep her safe from harm-


Kathra with +1 Scale Armour.

Tira, it seems has money to burn, or else the gift of the gab- her first purchase is a +1 Amulet of Protection-


Tira with +1 Amulet of Protection.

Her second a suit of +1 Leather Armour, she too is keen to increase her defences, to keep herself same from harm-


Tira with +1 Leather Armour.

There’s no return to normal life for any of the quartet however, not after their last adventure- the unsaid truth is they’re all hooked- they want more, and of course, they get their wish…

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