Adventure #01 Sellswords of Fallcrest (Level 1)
Session #1.01
Enc#001- Scurvy in Action.
PCs Level 1-

The guys head to Cutpurse Alley, alas the way is blocked, and trapped-


Eventually Scurvy, with a little help from his new friends, gets the gate open- and on they go, into the Beggar King’s domain.

Session #1.02
Enc#002- Surprise Party!
PCs Level 1-

The way ahead however is guarded, with sentries on the roof, the guys creep back out- head up and on to the roof, and then get the jump on the bad guys-


The sentries are taken down in double-quick time, two surrender and tell all they know- which isn’t much.

Session #1.03
Enc#003a- Into the Bazaar of the Bizarre.
PCs Level 1-

The guys head on into the Bazaar of the Bizarre, they make some new friends- and then quickly fall out with the shopkeeper and his hangers-on-


The bad guys are taking a beating, they take to screaming for help, or well… not help- Timmy!

Session #1.04
Enc#003b- TIMMY!
PCs Level 1-

Timmy turns up, he’s not at all like the guys expected-


And still the guys are winning, Arthuro the Fence flees- or else he goes and gets some more friends.

Session #1.05
Enc#003c- Say ‘Hello’ to the Dog Brothers.
PCs Level 1-

Blimey this encounter is getting busy, especially when the gang turns up, a bunch of mangy (feral?) humans-


And yet still the guys manage to hold their own- the Dog Bothers take a severe beating. Then, of course, the dead body of Timmy the Otyugh explodes.

Session #1.06
Enc#003d- Grubs Up!
PCs Level 1-

What’s for tea? That’s what the grubs want to know as they crawl out the shattered remains of Timmy- it seems the PCs are on the menu-


It’s getting very bloody.

Session #1.07
Enc#003e- Irocar- Leader of the Pack.
PCs Level 1-

And finally Irocar makes an appearance, the Dog Brothers ferocious leader-


In the end it comes down to Riardon versus the last two Otyugh Grubs- the Ranger’s four companions are bleeding out on the floor as the archer grabs victory from the jaws of defeat.

And against all the odds the adventurers somehow manage to see all of their enemies off, although it’s the final encounter for Skamos and Scurvy- two PCs dead in the fracas- titanic!

Session #2.01 & 2.02
Enc#004- The New Expert Locksmith.
PCs Level 1-

The adventurers are a little thin on the ground, they’re looking for new meat shields, I mean recruits- if you’re interested-


But then the reinforcements arrive- Kathra and Tira, the pair get busy, particularly Tira who tries to open the elaborate looking chest the guys have found, all does not go as planned-


Still the guys pick up some treasure along the way, Riardon finds a +2 Cloak of Resistance, Corrin grabs a +1 Short Sword and Tira has her new +1 Wand-


They look like the real deal now, and back to full compliment.

Session #2.03 Sunlord and Trap Finder Extraordinaire.
PCs Level 1-

Erais finds a few more traps, the hard way (no XP given because he just blundered into them), the Priest does however come up trumps with a +1 Holy Symbol of Battle-


And then on- through a secret door into a storeroom.

Session #2.04
Enc#005- Rats!
PCs Level 1-



Two swarms- not good, Kathra is nearly eaten alive.

Session #2.05
Enc#006- Throw another Paladin on the Fire.
PCs Level 1-

The guys creep on and into an encounter with the fat squad, who are not pleased to see them-


The feeling is mutual, particularly when the fat Tiefling Warlock burns Corrin to the ground, and that’s the third PC killed.

That said Tira does however grab Zeb’oltha’s magical rod, tres cool-


Tira may even learn a little Ventriloquism, she and Skully could team up for the Necromancer Club circuit.

Session #2.06
Enc#007- Aggressive Begging.
PCs Level 1-

The guys head on and end up having to fight their way through a bunch of stinky and shadowy miscreants-


Another brutal fracas but they win through, with just four PCs its tough going.

Session #2.07
Enc#008- Rogue Ending.
PCs Level 1-

The guys climb into the Beggar King’s Throne room, the big bad guy is not at home, but a trap has been laid-


The Rogue is taken down and the trap is found by Erais, and in his usual style.

Session #2.08
Enc#009- Arthuro’s Revenge.
PCs Level 1-

Moments later Arthuro the Fence is back, he wants his revenge, and has brought some friends-


The guys beat down the bad guys, and now have just enough XP for level 2.

Session #2.09 & 3.01 Shopping Spree.
PCs Level 2-

Time to take a rest and head back into Fallcrest to sell and swap out some of the magic items they’ve picked up along the way.

Riardon gets a +1 Targeting Longbow, Erais a +1 Mace, Kathra a +1 Warhammer and Tira a +1 Dagger; they’re all very happy with their haul-


The guys look like pros, even if they don’t feel like it yet.

Session #3.02 What the Heck is Going on Here?
PCs Level 2-

The guys take a moment to try to fathom what’s going on with the Beggar King- it seems there is an underground section of the hide out for them to explore- this, for some reason, wasn’t on their agenda. They’re also a little bit confused by what they’ve found so far- and particularly with the quality of information they’re getting from the prisoners they take- it seems the bad guys are also unsure of events in the lair.

It’s a mystery.

Session #3.03
Enc#010- Going Ape.
PCs Level 2-

The guys head below and find all manner of strange stuff, and then get menaced by a bunch of Slavers, and their pet monkey-


The bad guys take a beating, the lone survivor does a runner and the guys follow after, in hot pursuit.

Session #3.04
Enc#010- Save Us from the Slavers.
PCs Level 2-

And straight into the Slavers guard chamber- which is packed with a variety of guards and flunkeys-


The guys eventually wear the bastards down- and then following the old adage- if a trick is worth doing its often worth repeating, the last bad guys standing- a pair of Goblin Archers flee… and the adventurers attempt again to chase them down, will they ever learn.

Session #3.05
Enc#010- The Slavers- Meet the Management.
PCs Level 2-

The Goblins run straight into the Slaver management, who it seems are in the process of shipping out, it’s chaotic and crazy-


Three encounters become one, and yet somehow the guys win through.

Session #3.06 We Survived!
PCs Level 2-

The guys backtrack a while- back to the chamber in which they first encountered the Slavers, there are prisoners in cells on the beach- the good guys come to the rescue, freeing the poor unfortunates who were otherwise bound for a life of slavery- deep joy. Kathra leads the ex-prisoners back up through the Beggar King’s lair, and out into Fallcrest.

She returns for more madness.

Session #3.07
Enc#011- Just Rewards.
PCs Level 2-

The guys gather all the chests together, search the bad guys and all of the chambers; and then set about going through the lot, looking for traps, and treasure of course-


The guys find plenty of coin, and a few more items beside.

Including a +1 Amulet of Protection for Kathra-


Looking good.

Session #3.08 We’re not Going in There.
PCs Level 2-

After a brief mooch about in a strange and formerly secret chamber the guys decide that the place is a bit too spooky for them, besides they’re pretty single-minded now- bring on the Beggar King.

Session #3.09 Screw that- it’s a Trap.
PCs Level 2-

A large statue of a (very) Giant Rat- complete with ruby eyes and a sprawl of treasure, and still the guys aren’t playing, the chorus is (still)- bring on the Beggar King.

Session #3.10
Enc#012- At Last- the Beggar King.
PCs Level 2-

The guys head on and straight into hell, the Beggar King it seems has succumbed to the shadow-


On their last legs they manage to knock the Beggar King down, the foul wretch is inhabited alas by a Shadow Dragon. The guys rush up onto the roof of the tower to confront the beast.

Session #3.11
Enc#013- The Power of the Shadow.
PCs Level 2-

The ultimate bad guy is spawned-


And at last slain.

Session #3.12 & 3.13 Aftermath.
PCs Level 3-

The adventure is complete, all that’s left is to convince the Fallcrest Watch of all that has come to pass, receive their rewards and then do a little light shopping- spending their money on some new magical items, oh and the guys are up to level 3 now. Erais buys a +1 Amulet of Protection, Riardon a suit of +1 Screaming Hide Armour, Kathra a suit of +1 Scalemail and Tira a +1 Amulet of Protection and a suit of +1 Leather Armour-


They look like proper adventurers, which is fortunate as they’re hooked.

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